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1984 TEXT 맑은 설 연휴, 주말부터 비 내린다 Sunny and Clear Skies in Store for Seollal with Rain Showers Forecast for the Weekend Mostly sunny and clear skies are forecast across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo for the remainder of the Seollal holiday but… 02-19 2522
1983 TEXT 설 연휴 가볼 만한 곳 - 호남 Must Visit Spots During the Holidays in Honam A series of traditional culture experience programs will be prepared and operated by regional museums, state-run parks across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo throughout the … 02-19 2336
1982 TEXT 2015 하늘바람땅 에너지전, 다음달 광주에서 개막한다 2015 Solar, Wind and Earth Energy Trade Fair to be Held in Gwangju The Solar, Wind and Earth Energy Trade Fair will be held from March 11th for three days at the Gwangju Kimdaej… 02-19 2454
1981 TEXT 광주 금남로 ‘가고 걷고 싶은 명품길’로 만든다 Gwangju Geumnamro to be Transformed into Pedestrian Friendly Street Gwangju Geumnamro Street, which surrounds the National Asian Culture Complex, will be transformed into a pedes… 02-19 2171
1980 TEXT 설 연휴 전통시장 주∙정차 한시적 허용 Police Agency to Allow Street Parking Around Traditional Markets A special traffic measure is in place to allow drivers to park on the streets near traditional markets during the Lunar New Year hol… 02-19 2104
1979 TEXT 광주시 설 연휴 CCTV 관제센터 24시간 가동 Gwangju’s CCTV Control Center Operated 24-hour for Lunar New Year Holiday Period Gwangju’s CCTV Control Center will be in operation for 24-hours during the Lunar New Year holiday period for … 02-19 2297
1978 TEXT 설날 담양 명소 무료 개방 Tourist Attractions in Damyang-gun County to be Opened Free for Lunar New Year’s Day Some of tourist attractions in Damyang-gun County will be opened free to the public today, Lunar New Year’s Day or Seollal. … 02-19 2408
1977 TEXT 전국 고속도로 곳곳 정체 Traffic Congestions in Major Highways The annual migration of South Koreans for the Seollal holiday began yesterday with millions of people across the country heading to their hometowns to spend a five-day long holid… 02-19 2436
1976 TEXT 민족 대명절, 설날 People to Celebrate Lunar New Year’s Day Today is Lunar New Year’s day or Seollal, which falls on February 19ththis year. On Lunar New Year’s day, people in Korea eat traditional food, rice cake soup or Ddeokguk, to… 02-19 2264
1975 TEXT 목포해경안전서 귀성뱃길 안전 강화 Mokpo Coast Guard Station to Reinforce Safeguards on Sea Routes for Lunar New Year Holiday Season The Mokpo Coast Guard Station will operate an emergency sea service titled ‘Safe Sea, Happy Lunar New… 02-18 2574
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