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1822 TEXT 호남 SOC 건설에 1조 3000억원 투입된다 1.3 Trillion Won to be Invested in Construction of Honam SOC Iksan Regional Construction and Management Office, which administers the overall operation and management of national expressways and wate… 01-30 2497
1821 TEXT 칸 영화제 3관왕 ‘트라이브’ 광주 극장 개봉한다 An Award Winning Film from the Cannes Film Festival, ‘The Tribe’ Opens at Gwangju Cinema Having won three awards in the Cannes International Film Festival last year, the Ukraine… 01-29 2549
1820 TEXT 해상 케이블카, 여수 관광 아이콘 됐다 Maritime Cable Car as a Regional Tourism Landmark in Yeosu More than 100,000 domestic and international tourists made a visit to Yeosu last weekend, marking a continuous upward trend for tourist fig… 01-29 2518
1819 TEXT 윤장현 시장 ‘KTX 당초 계획대로 운행돼야’ 주장 GJ Mayor to Request Original Plan of Honam KTX to Take Effect Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon reportedly requested that lawmakers from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for D… 01-29 2474
1818 TEXT 고흥, 우주항공중심 도시 도약 Goheung to Leap Forward to Become a Central Space Science City Goheung-gun district has reportedly established a new set of measures to transform the district into a central city for the Korean space science … 01-29 2651
1817 TEXT 전문가 참여하는 광주시 감사위원회 출범한다 Gwangju Audit and Hearing Committee featuring Experts to be Launched The city of Gwangju will reportedly launch a professional audit and hearing committee featuring the participation of e… 01-29 2443
1816 TEXT 광주 초등교사 10명 중 7명이 여선생님 7 out of 10 Elementary School Teachers are Female In a recent survey of incoming elementary teachers in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo, 7 out of 10 in Gwangju were reported to be female, whereas some 54 pe… 01-29 2476
1815 TEXT 전남도청서 강진청자 경매 Gangjin Celadon to be Put Up for Auction at Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall Some 13 celadon works that were previously exhibited in the first floor lobby of the Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall will be put up for auction a… 01-29 2807
1814 TEXT 나주 문예회관, 시민 문화공간으로 자리매김 Naju Culture and Art Center as a Central Hub of Citizens’ Culture Space The Naju-located Culture and Art Center has been transformed into a center for the promotion and development of cul… 01-29 2543
1813 TEXT 광주전남 오늘밤부터 눈온다 Snow Shower in Store from Tonight A band of snow showers are in store across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo throughout the day today. Rain and snow are set to move in later this afternoon and the snow showers will … 01-29 2364
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