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20832 TEXT 광주시, 20대 전략과제 與 대선공약 반영 건의 Gwangju City suggests 20 Strategic Tasks to be reflected in Presidential Pledges Gwangju City suggested 20 Main Tasks for Future Development be included in the Presidential Pledges and the next… 01-07 188
20831 TEXT 멈추지 않는 코로나19 확산세…광주·전남 211명 COVID19 transmission continues, Gwangju Jeonnam with 211 patients There were 211 patients found in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions from continued transmission. This is the first time that ov… 01-07 169
20830 TEXT 진실화해위에규명요구,전남서3천900여건신청 Truth and Reconciliation Commission received 3,900 requests from Jeonnam There were some 3,900 cases of truth investigation requested by the Jeonnam region for the Truth and Reconciliation Commi… 01-07 215
20829 TEXT 영산강환경청,올해부터10개국가하천관리업무수행 Yeongsan River Environment Administration to manage 10 national rivers starting this year The Yeongsan(영산) River Basin Environmental Office revealed on the 6th that the National River… 01-07 231
20828 TEXT '학교 집단감염' 광주·전남 159명…역대 최다일 듯 'School cluster transmission', most daily cases ever with 159 in Gwangju Jeonnam The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing with cluster transmission centering on sc… 01-07 207
20827 TEXT 여순사건 주제 영화 '동백' 국가기록원에 영구 보존 YeoSun(여순) Incident Themed Movie, 'DongBaek(동백)' permanently preserved at National Archives of Korea Jeonnam’s Yeosu(여수) City revealed on the 6th that… 01-06 180
20826 TEXT 기아 광주공장 작년 생산량 소폭 증가 KIA Gwangju Plant with small increase of production last year The KIA Motors' Gwangju Plant production increased slightly despite the COVID19 pandemic. According to KIA Autoland Gwangju on the 6… 01-06 195
20825 TEXT 백신 접종한 등록 외국인, 재입국 절차 간소화 Simplified Reentry Procedures for Registered Vaccinated Foreigners The Ministry of Justice of the Korea Immigration Service or KIS revealed on the 6th that the reentry procedures for register… 01-06 170
20824 TEXT 광주시, '더 크고 더 강한 문화 중심도시' 8대 정책 발표 Gwangju City announced 8 policies for 'More Grand and Powerful Culture-Centered City' Gwangju City announced 8 Core Policies for establishing a 'More Grand… 01-06 178
20823 TEXT 광주, 1주 사이 미성년 확진자 155명 Gwangju with 155 underage patients found in 1 week During the year-end and beginning of the year period, 1 out of every 3 to 4 patients in Gwangju City were confirmed to be less than 18 years old. This i… 01-06 172
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