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1299 TEXT 광주시, 중소기업 판로지원 대통령상 수상 Gwangju Wins Presidential Award for Supporting Small to Medium Sized Business Administrations The city of Gwangju has announced that the city has won the presidential award for its financial a… 11-21 3702
1298 TEXT 전남, 학생 수 급감 속 다문화 학생은 증가 Students in Jeollanamdo Reduced but Multi-cultural Students Increase The total number of students in Jeollanamdo has decreased by 10,000 over a one-year period, but students from multicultural… 11-21 3775
1297 TEXT 광주시 광저우 국제도시 혁신상 도전 Gwangju to Try For ‘Innovation Award’ as an International City The city of Gwangju is in the final screening of the 2014 Quanzhou International City Innovation Award set to be held on November 28t… 11-21 3762
1296 TEXT 전남 학교 비정규직 파업, 140여곳 급식 대란 Strike Among Non-regular Workers at Schools in Jeollanamdo Caused Distruption in 140 Schools During the nationwide two-day strike of 20,000 irregular school workers that began yesterday, som… 11-21 4186
1295 TEXT 보성 청소년 수련원, 천문과학관 내달부터 운영한다 Youth Training Center and Astronomical Science Center to be In Operation in Boseong from Next Month A local youth training center to accommodate regional students and teenagers’ … 11-21 11775
1294 TEXT 여수 해상 케이블카, 내년부터 운영된다 Yeosu Maritime Cable Car to be In Operation Starting Next Year The city of Yeosu will begin operation of Korea’s first maritime cable car, which will run above the sea in southern coastal regio… 11-21 4227
1293 TEXT 광주-화순 4차선 오늘 전면 개통 Wide Four-lane Road Linking Gwangju and Hwasun to be Opened Today A wide four-lane road linking Gwangju and Hwasun, which has been under construction for 7 years, will be opened for traffic from today at 4 p… 11-21 3693
1292 TEXT 목포시, 무안공항 활용 중국관광객 유치 총력 Mokpo City to Attract Chinese Tourists through Muan Int’l Airport The city of Mokpo is aiming at attracting and accommodating a surge of Chinese entering Korea arriving through the nearb… 11-21 3696
1291 TEXT 광주 동구, 구시청-금동 일대에 ‘여성안심구역’ 조성 ‘Safe Zone for Women’ to be Constructed in Downtown Guem-dong in Gwangju The city of Gwangju and Dong-gu district will construct a ‘safe zone for women’ in downtown Gw… 11-21 3931
1290 TEXT 전남 관광객 중 150명 추첨해 특급호텔 숙박권 준다 150 Tourists to Jeollanamdo to be Given Special Hotel Tickets Through Random Draw Jeollanamdo will give away special free hotel tickets to a total of 150 visitors to the province … 11-21 3838
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