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2023 TEXT 광주시, 이달부터 교통법규 위반 시민 신고제 운영한다 Gwangju to Operate Citizen Report System on Traffic Law Violation The city of Gwangju is currently conducting a ‘citizen report system’ that allows citizens to report on tr… 02-25 2299
2022 TEXT 강진군, 숲 속 유치원 운영한다 Gangjin to Operate Kindergartens in the Forest Gangjin-gun district will operate a ‘Kindergarten in Forest’ from March to November on every Thursday. With the theme, ‘Playing in a Forest Full of Drea… 02-25 2249
2021 TEXT 전남 자치단체들, 태극기 달기 운동 홍보 Municipalities in Jeollanamdo to Promote ‘Taegeukgi Flying Movement’ Municipal governments in Jeollanamdo are actively engaging in promotional activities to encourage residents to hang the n… 02-25 2214
2020 TEXT 광주시, 518 왜곡-폄훼 처벌하겠다 Gwangju City Pledges Harsh Punishment for Degradation of May 18th Democratic Uprising The city of Gwangju pledged harsh legal punishment for defamation and degradation of the May 18th Democratization Move… 02-25 2239
2019 TEXT 구글서 ‘광주시청’ 검색에 홍어 이미지, 광주시 즉각 고발 Skate Image Comes Up in Search of ‘Gwangju City Hall’ and the City Hall Files a Lawsuit Upon the news release of complaints by an internet user of the google website… 02-24 2470
2018 TEXT 이이남 작가, 광주 무각사 로터스 갤러리 전시 기획자로 활동한다 Media Artist Yi Yi-nam to Act as an Exhibition Producer of the Lotus Gallery at Mugaksa Temple in Gwangju Gwangju-based world renowned media artist, Yi Yi-nam, wi… 02-24 2585
2017 TEXT 광주상의, FTA 활용 무료 컨설팅 지원한다 Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry to Offer Free Consulting for FTA Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry will reportedly offer free consulting services for local small to medium sized … 02-24 2357
2016 TEXT 전남도, 민원 ‘예약 방문제’ 실시 Jeollanamdo to Provide ‘Civil Complaint Reservation System’ Jeollanamdo will carry out a ‘civil complaint reservation system’, which it will offer counseling service for those residents who wish… 02-24 2452
2015 TEXT 록가수 김경호, 광주 U대회 홍보대사 위촉된다 Rock Singer Kim Gyeong-ho to be Appointed as an Honorary Ambassador of Gwangju Universiade Today at city hall, Korea’s well-known rock singer, Kim Gyeong-ho, will be appointed as an h… 02-24 2645
2014 TEXT 광주전남 6년만에 찾아온 겨울황사 유의 Cautions Necessary for Winter Yellow-dust in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo The Gwangju Regional Meteorological Administration issued a yellow dust advisory yesterday as the hourly average dust concentr… 02-24 2757
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