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20094 TEXT NEW POST 전남도, 국제관광박람회에서 잇단 수상…가을 관광지 홍보 Jeonnam Province awarded at the International Tourism Expo again, Autumn Tourism Sites promoted Jeonnam Province revealed on the 24th that the autumn tourism sites within th… 09-24 11
20093 TEXT NEW POST 광주·무안 공항 통합, 군 공항과 연계 Gwangju Muan Airports Integration connected with the Military Airport The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport decided to promote the Gwangju's Private Airport transfer to Jeonnam's M… 09-24 11
20092 TEXT NEW POST 전남지역 최근 엿새간 확진자 중 74%가 '타지역 접촉' Jeonnam region with 74% of the recent 6 days cases 'made contact with other regions people' The Jeonnam region is continuing with COVID19 transmission, especially … 09-24 9
20091 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, 공원·잔디밭 등 야외공간 음주·취식 금지 권고 Gwangju City advises to prohibit drinking and eating at parks and lawns at outside areas Gwangju City advised to prohibit drinking and eating at outside areas including parks.… 09-24 10
20090 TEXT NEW POST 광주 추석 연휴 확진자 증가…"다음 주 영향 본격화" Gwangju Chuseok(추석) holiday impacted transmission, "Next week will have official consequences" Gwangju City had a large increase in the number of daily infected patients after the… 09-24 9
20089 TEXT NEW POST 추석연휴 끝난 첫날…광주·전남서59명 지역감염 First day after Chuseok(추석) holiday period, Gwangju Jeonnam with 59 patients On the first day after the Chuseok(추석) holiday period, there were a total of 59 patients found from the … 09-24 12
20088 TEXT NEW POST 광주광역시,국민지원금92%지급완료 Gwangju City completed 92% of Public Support Funds distribution Gwangju City revealed on the 23rd that 92.8% or 1.16 million eligible residents within the city were distributed their Public Support Funds. … 09-24 13
20087 TEXT '호남'이재명42.3%이낙연39.8% '초접전'…KBC광주방송 조사 Honam(호남) Lee JaeMyeong(이재명) 42.3%, Lee NakYeon(이낙연) 39.8%, 'close run', KBC Gwangju Station poll The Honam(호남) region's Demo… 09-24 11
20086 TEXT '갈수록 느는 가계 빚'광주전남7월 대출8천억원 증가 'Increasing Household Debt', Gwangju Jeonnam July debt increased to 800 billion won The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had over 800 billion won of household debt in … 09-24 17
20085 TEXT 광주37명 확진…추석 연휴 직후 확산 우려 현실로(종합) Gwangju with 37 patients found, after-effects of Chuseok(추석) holiday transmission Gwangju City had 37 new patients found yesterday. This is on the first day after the Chuseok(… 09-24 11
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