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18274 TEXT 구례 육용오리 농장서 고병원성 AI 확진…국내 농장 29번째 Gurye(구례) Duck Meat Farm found with highly pathogenic strains of AI, 29th case within the country Jeonnam's Gurye(구례) Duck Farm was confirmed with highly pathogenic… 12-28 38
18273 TEXT "혹시 나도 무증상 감염?" 광주서도 익명 선별진료소 운영 Gwangju operating 'anonymous' screening clinic Gwangju City began operating a temporary screening clinic at City Hall Square on Dec. 27th. As there have been doub… 12-28 52
18272 TEXT 광주 유·초·중·고교, 28∼31일 원격수업 전환 Kindergartens and Schools in Gwangju to resume online classes from 28th Kindergartens, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Gwangju will be converted to online classes from December 28thth… 12-25 64
18271 TEXT 광주시,임시 선별검사소27일부터 운영 Gwangju to open free virus testing site at City Hall Gwangju Metropolitan City will begin operating a free virus testing site to effectively block COVID-19 infection spread. The city said it will ope… 12-25 61
18270 TEXT 전남 구례 오리농장1곳에서 고병원성 조류독감 확진 Another AI case reported in Gurye South Jeolla Province reported 1 more confirmed cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza today. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food a… 12-25 53
18269 TEXT 광주,청사교회 관련 등8명 신규 확진…지역 누적1천명 Total number of COVID-19 patients reaches 1,000 in Gwangju The number of COVID-19 infections in Gwangju reached the 1,000 mark today. The Gwangju Metropolitan Government said a t… 12-25 49
18268 TEXT 코로나로 무등산 새해 해맞이 취소 COVID19 to impact Mt. Mudeung(무등) New Year Sunrise COVID19 has impacted Mt. Mudeung(무등)'s New Year Sunrise event. This is as there will be prohibition of entering the mountain before 7am in… 12-25 65
18267 TEXT 광주병원 호흡기전담클리닉, 진료공백 없애고 적극진료 Gwangju Hospital to establish Respiratory Clinic Gwangju Hospital is operating a 'Respiratory Clinic' to respondto COVID 19 transmission, the flu, as well as other re… 12-25 53
18266 TEXT 광주 에버그린 요양원 12명 추가 감염…관련 확진자 41명 Gwangju Evergreen Nursing Institution with 12 additional infectionscases to total 41 so far On Christmas Day, Gwangju City announced a total of 36 infected cases of COVID 19 withi… 12-25 52
18265 TEXT 코로나19로 광주 전남 혈액 수급 심각 수준 COVID 19 to seriously impact blood supply With the extended COVID 19 pandemic across the country, the number of blood donors has dropped significantly to impact the blood supply within the nation.… 12-25 52
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