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17287 TEXT 광주 수해복구 돕는다…공무원·군인·시민 등 2천명 참여 Gwangju flood recovery process with 2,000 people participating Gwangju City's public officers, soldiers, and citizens are helping with the flood recovery processes. 1,6… 08-12 25
17286 TEXT 광주서 사흘 만에 지역감염 1명 발생…누적 211명 Gwangju with 1 regional transmission case in 3 days, totals 211 There was one regional transmission case discovered in Gwangju City after 3 days of zero infection spread. Therefore, the … 08-12 23
17285 TEXT 2028 세계 섬 엑스포 주제 공모…대규모 국제행사로 준비 2028 World Island Expo Theme Contest Jeonnam Province will hold an open contest for the successful opening of the2028 World Islands Expo. Therefore, creative ideas from all th… 08-11 24
17284 TEXT '노조가 통장 압류' 금호타이어 사태…앞이 안 보인다 Kumho(금호) Tire in severe trouble Kumho(금호) Tire is currently experiencing severe difficulties. This is as the Irregular Employees Trade Union of the company hav… 08-11 25
17283 TEXT 담양 급류 실종 남성 사흘 만에 숨진 채 발견 Man swept away by Damyang(담양) torrent discovered dead There was a male missing due to the heavy rainfall experienced in Jeonnam Damyang(담양) region. After 3 days of searching, he was fo… 08-11 21
17282 TEXT 전남 재산피해 잠정집계 2천800억…담양 피해액 가장 커 Jeonnam property damage estimated to be 280 billion won, Damyang(담양) impacted the worst There was an estimation of 280 billion won of property damage within Jeonnam region due … 08-11 20
17281 TEXT 중부지역 장마 49일째 지속 '역대 최장' 기록…16일까지 비 온다 S. Korean central region under 49 days of rainy season, longest on record South Korea's annual rainy season has continued for 49 days now. This is the long… 08-11 21
17280 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총14,660, 총 34명 추가, 수도권 교회 'N차 전파' 지속, 부산서도 무더기 확진 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 14,660, increased by 34, capital areas' churches 'Nth transmission cases con… 08-11 23
17279 TEXT 전남, 전 직원 폭우 피해지 투입···전라남도 공무원만 600명 600 Public Officials Deployed to Areas Affected by Heavy Rain In Jeollanam-do There were some 600 public officers of Jeonnam province mobilized for restoration processes at th… 08-11 21
17278 TEXT 폭우에 잠긴 광주 재활용쓰레기장…폐기물 처리 '차질 Gwangju Recycling Landfill in trouble with flooding from heavy rain As there was a very heavy rainfall recorded recently, it also impacted one of the recycling landfills in on… 08-11 25
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