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17151 TEXT 자가격리 지침 어기고 출근…피트니스 강사에 벌금 300만원 Violation of self-quarantine measures to attend work, fitness-instructor fined 3 million won There was an instructor who attended work at a fitness-club located within Gwang… 07-27 38
17150 TEXT 광주 191번 확진자 감염 경로 확인…확진 어린이와 상담 Gwangju's191st case infectious route checked, consulted an infected child The unclear route of infection of the local 191st case was solved. This is according to Gwangju … 07-27 35
17149 TEXT 전국 강풍·폭우에 5명 사망·4명 부상…이재민 217명Heavy downpours pummel S. Korea, unleash flash floods, leave 5 dead and 4 injured Heavy downpours with strong winds hit the nation, causing flash floods that killed 5 people and left sc… 07-27 33
17148 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총13,979, 총 41명 추가,방역당국 "코로나19 일일 신규 확진자 수 내일 100명 넘을 듯" Domestic COVID 19 infections total 13,979, increased by 41, disinfection authorities "COVID 19 daily infectidon cases ex… 07-27 33
17147 TEXT 광주에 문화콘텐츠 종사자 전용 행복주택 건립한다 Happy Housing established for Culture Contents industry Gwangju City will be establishing Happy Housing for Culture Contents Industry workers. This is according to Gwangju City on… 07-27 54
17146 TEXT 광주출입국사무소, 외국인 밀집 고위험 시설 방역 합동 점검 Gwangju Immigration Office to operate crackdown for disinfection measures The Gwangju Immigration Office operated a crackdown for disinfection measures along with the muni… 07-27 31
17145 TEXT 승용차 고립되고 토사 유출…광주·전남서 비 피해 잇달아 Gwangju Jeonnam regions experience damage from rainfall There were several reports of damage in the Gwangju Jeonnam regions due to the heavy rainfall. On July 23rd at 6.30p… 07-27 74
17144 TEXT 광주서 코로나19 확진자2명 추가…누적 202명 2 additional infection cases within Gwangju to total 202 There were 2 additional infection cases discovered within Gwangju City to total 202 in the area. According to Gwangju City on July 24t… 07-27 28
17143 TEXT ‘최대 방역망’ 마스크도 뚫렸나? 병원직원 확진 의문 Hospital employee infected leaving questions There was a case of a female employee in a hospital in her 30s who was confirmed to be infected. However, what's leaving questions… 07-23 82
17142 TEXT 부녀회장·통장 등 코로나19 확진에 광주시·자치구 '비상 Women's association chair and local autonomous body head infected, raising concerns The Chair of a Women's Association and the head of a local autonomous organiz… 07-23 72
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