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17713 TEXT 광주·전남 경찰 긴급출동 5분 이상 걸려…전국 평균 미달 Gwangju Jeonnam Police Emergency Mobilization takes more than 5 minutes Gwangju Jeonnam region Police's Emergency Mobilization is found to take longer than the country… 10-09 35
17712 TEXT 충청권 혁신도시 추가 건설 방침에 광주 전남등 반발 ChungCheong(충청) District Innovative City additional construction measures to raises opposition from Gwangju Jeonnam regions. With the upcoming '2nd season' of the public i… 10-09 25
17711 TEXT "광주 수돗물 안심하고 마시세요"…수질 기준에 적합 Gwangju tap water drinkable, meets water-quality standards Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 8th that the tap water examinations from households and water purifying plants have proved loc… 10-09 23
17710 TEXT 광주에만 없는 운전면허시험장…"학원 연계 취득으로 비용 8배" No Driver's License Examination Center within Gwangju, "costs 8 times more" Among 16 municipalities across the country, only Gwangju City is missing a Drivers… 10-09 23
17709 TEXT '지역발전 한뜻'…광주시·특별지방행정기관 행정협업 강화 Gwangju City and Special Suburban Administrative Institutions to reinforce administrative cooperation Gwangju City and the local National Institutions examined co… 10-09 9
17708 TEXT 광주 영세사업장에 마스크 등 20만원 상당 방역물품 지원 Gwangju to support disinfection products worth 200,000 won including masks to small businesses Gwangju City will be supporting COVID 19 disinfection products including thermo… 10-09 10
17707 TEXT 여수서 2021 도시환경협약 정상회의 열려… 2021 Urban Environmental Accords Summit to open in Yeosu(여수) Yeosu(여수) City is one step closer to holding the COP28 or the Conference of Parties 28 of the UN. This is as Yeosu(여수)… 10-09 10
17706 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,422, 확진자 다시 100명 이하로, COVID 19 daily infections total 24,422, virus cases fall back to double digits South Korea's daily new infections rose by double digits today, while the country is still wo… 10-09 7
17705 TEXT 광주·전남 지식재산 역량 100점 중 26점…전국 최하위권 Gwangju Jeonnam region's Intellectual Asset Competency 26 out of 100, the lowest in the country Gwangju Jeonnam region's Intellectual Asset Competency had been me… 10-08 29
17704 TEXT 광주서 중학생 납치·감금 의심 신고…모텔에서 홀로 발견(종합) Gwangju middle school student kidnapped reported to be found in a motel There was a report that a middle school student was suspected to be kidnapped by someone. … 10-08 18
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