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18956 TEXT 전남도"일본 수산물 수입 중단해야"…오염수 방류 결정 반발 Jeollanamdo Province strongly opposes Japan’s decision to release radioactive water into sea Jeollanamdo Province strongly protested the Japanese government’s decision … 04-13 21
18955 TEXT 전남 섬지역65세 이상 주민 섬 안에서 백신 접종 Jeonnam to conduct vaccination program on seniors living on islands Jeollanamdo Province announced that it will begin the COVID-19 inoculation campaign for elderly residents aged 65 or old… 04-13 20
18954 TEXT 광주서 가족모임발 확산세 지속…직장으로 번져 COVID-19 cases continue to spread in Gwangju The City of Gwangju added 12 COVID-19 cases linked to the recent family gathering cluster infection as of 2pm on the 13th. All 12 infection… 04-13 14
18953 TEXT '5·18 심장부' 옛 전남도청에 탄흔 수백개…탄두 10개 발견 Old Jeonnam Provincial Office found with hundreds of bullet holes and 10 actual bullets The Old Jeonnam Provincial Office where the last demonstration occurred at the … 04-13 25
18952 TEXT 광주서 가족모임·골프활동 연쇄 감염 이틀 만에 두 자릿수 Gwangju continuing with transmission in double digits from family and golf meetings Gwangju City is continuing to have COVID19 transmission related to family and golf meetin… 04-13 12
18951 TEXT 여수 개항 100주년 기념사업…100인 시민추진위원회 ‘출항’ Yeosu(여수) Port Opening 100th Anniversary Commemorative Project, 100 Citizens Promotion Committee launched Yeosu(여수) City Mayor Kwon OhBong(권오봉) held an online l… 04-13 13
18950 TEXT 광주·나주서 서울 송파 확진자 관련 연쇄감염 11명 Gwangju, Naju(나주) have 11 infected patients related to Seoul(서울) SongPa(송파)'s case Transmission cases linked to a weekend visitor from Seoul(서울) who met family and g… 04-13 14
18949 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장 "동구, 광주다움 볼 수 있는 곳으로 육성" Lee YongSeob(이용섭), Gwangju City Mayor announces "Donggu(동구) to be developed to become a place where Gwangju can be seen" Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangju City M… 04-13 21
18948 TEXT 광주교육청, 21일까지 세월호 추념 기간 운영 Gwangju Education Office to run a 10-day memorial period for the 7thcommemoration of Sewol (세월) Ferry incident. The Gwangju Office of Education announced that it will run a 10-day memoria… 04-12 30
18947 TEXT 경북도·광주시,유엔기후협약총회 여수 유치 지지 Gwangju and Gyeong-buk (경북) support bid to host the COP28 in Yeosu. Gyeong-buk (경북) Provincial Governor Lee Chul-woo (이철우) on the 12th signed a statement supporting the … 04-12 16
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