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19031 TEXT NEW POST 전남·부산·울산·경남·제주,일본 원전 오염수 방류 공동대응 Jeonnam and 4 other cities to jointly respond to the Japan’s radioactive water release plan Jeollanamdo today announced that the province, Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam (경… 18:37 2
19030 TEXT NEW POST 전남도,외국인주민에 무료 법률상담 지원 Jeonnam to offer free legal counseling for local foreign residents Jeollanamdo Province announced on the 23rd that it will provide free legal counseling for local foreigners who are isolated from l… 18:37 2
19029 TEXT NEW POST 여수·순천시,여순사건특별법 행안위 법안소위 통과'환영' Yeosu and Suncheon welcome the special act on Yeosu-Suncheon incident Jeollanamdo's Yeosu and Suncheon Cities on the 23rdexpressed their delight after seeing the … 18:36 2
19028 TEXT NEW POST 광주노동청, IT분야 청년 채용4천여명 인건비 추가 지원 Gwangju Labor Office to offer labor cost for youth employment. The Gwangju Regional Employment and Labor Administration on the 23rdannounced that it will expand its job creation in… 18:36 2
19027 TEXT NEW POST 공공·다중시설 확진자 속출…광주·전남서 하루 동안22명 New virus cases surge in Gwangju and Jeonnam The City of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Province reported 22 additional COVID-19 cases as of the 22nd. Concerns have risen as some of th… 18:36 2
19026 TEXT NEW POST 대구와 광주 잇는 달빛철도 출발 Moonlight Railroad connecting Daegu(대구) and Gwangju initiated The 'Moonlight Inland Railroad' to connect Daegu(대구) and Gwangju in 1 hour is mobilizing full efforts. This is as relevant mu… 11:51 5
19025 TEXT NEW POST 공공·다중시설 확진자 속출…광주·전남서 하루 동안 22명 Gwangju Jeonnam with 22 new infected patients from public and multi-use facilities The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 22 infected patients found yesterday. This … 11:51 5
19024 TEXT NEW POST COP28 유치나선 여수시, 지구의 날에 '2050 탄소중립 선언' Yeosu(여수) attractingCOP28, declares '2050 Carbon Neutral' on International Mother Earth Day Jeonnam's Yeosu(여수) City declared its carbon-neutral pl… 07:54 6
19023 TEXT NEW POST 코로나19 확진자 발생…광주 동구청 공직자 전수검사(종합) COVID19 infection case found, Gwangju's Donggu(동구) District Office conducted enumeration test for public officers There was a patient found at Gwangju's Donggu(… 07:54 6
19022 TEXT NEW POST "73년의 한"…여순사건 특별법안, 행안위 법안소위 통과(종합) Yeosu(여수)-Suncheon(순천) Incident Special Law passed through Legislation and Judiciary Committee The Yeosu(여수)-Suncheon(순천) Incident Truth Investigating Spec… 07:54 4
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