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12127 TEXT 대통령 신년회견 President Moon holds New Year’s Press Conference President Moon Jae In on Thursday held a New Year’s press conference at his office Cheong Wa Dae. This year’s first meeting between the President and the press was organize… 01-11 13
12126 TEXT 광주시,친일 잔재물 교육자료 활용방안 마련한다 Gwangju to utilize Japanese Colonial relics for education The City of Gwangju on Wednesday held a briefing on ways to utilize relics from the Japanese Colonial Rule in attendance with so… 01-11 13
12125 TEXT 광주 택시 기본요금 오늘부터2천800원→3천300원 Gwangju raises baseline taxi fare to 3,300 won The baseline taxi fare in Gwangju is being raised starting Thursday. The baseline fees are raised to 3,300 won from the previous 2,800 won f… 01-11 15
12124 TEXT 금호타이어 청소노동자, 공장 점거 해제 Kumho Tire irregular workers lift factory occupation Irregular workers at Kumho Tire on Wednesday had their working conditions recognized by a new employer and lifted their occupation of the company… 01-11 12
12123 TEXT [아시안컵]기성용,햄스트링 부상…2차전 출전은 힘들듯 S. Korea's Ki Sung Yueng to miss Asian Cup Group action South Korean midfielder Ki Sung Yueng will not play in the national team's upcoming match against Kyrgyzstan at t… 01-11 12
12122 TEXT 전남 고흥 웰빙유자·석류 특구 지정5년 연장 Goheung re-designated as Citron and Pomegranate special zone Goheung said Wednesday that its designation as a citron and pomegranate special zone has been extended for another 5 years. The c… 01-11 13
12121 TEXT '남도한바퀴'겨울 낭만여행 상품 출시 Namdo Bus Tour introduces Winter Programs Namdo Bus Tour is set to introduce winter themed programs for every Saturday from January 12th to February 23rd. There are 12 programs for this wi… 01-11 12
12120 TEXT 광주시, '창의력·기술력 있는 창업'전방위로 돕는다 Gwangju to provide full support for creative startups The City of Gwangju on Wednesday announced a set of measures to provide full support for creative startups. The City… 01-11 15
12119 TEXT 고려인 동포 건강 돌봄이 광주진료소,새 보금자리 개원 Gwangju Goryeo-in Clinic Re-Opened At New Building The Gwangju Goryeo-in Clinic moved to a new building and began services to provide better and enhanced medical care for local Go… 01-11 15
12118 TEXT 윤장현 전 광주시장 오늘 공직선거법 위반 혐의첫 재판 First Preliminary hearing begins for Former Gwangju Mayor The first preliminary hearing for Former Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang Hyun opened Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. Today's proceed… 01-11 13
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