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1592 TEXT 초중고 5월에도 입학 가능해진다 Students May Enter Schools from May Starting next year, students will be allowed to enter elementary, middle and high schools up until May rather than in February or March, as is customary. High school s… 12-31 2704
1591 TEXT 광주 청소년 92%, ‘노동인권교육 필요하다’ 92 Percent of Teenagers Say ‘Labor Rights Education is Necessary’ In a recent survey, 92 percent of the teenagers in Gwangju reportedly said that they need systematic education on labor… 12-31 2724
1590 TEXT 광주 시내버스 겨울방학 기간 운행 줄인다 Operation of Intra-city Buses in Gwangju to be Reduced Operation of intra-city buses in Gwangju will be reduced for some routes during the winter vacation. Reduced routes include the ones th… 12-31 2888
1589 TEXT 전남 8곳서 해넘이 – 해맞이 행사 8 Places in Jeollanamdo to Host Sunset and Sunrise Festivals A total of 8 places across Jeollanamdo will host sunset and sunrise festivals for the last day of the year, today, and the first day of next y… 12-31 2710
1588 TEXT 공급과잉 - 채소가격 폭락 Oversupply of Vegetables to Bring Down Prices The price of vegetables, such as napa cabbage, radish and carrots, continues fall due to oversupply of produce and a slowdown in consumption. The total production of … 12-30 2964
1587 TEXT 여수세계박람회장 특별법 개정안 원안 통과 Yeosu World Expo Special Law Passes the National Assembly A special law on the Yeosu World Expo that will aid the operation and management of the expo site was passed at the national assemb… 12-30 2690
1586 TEXT 광주전남 해넘이-해돋이 못본다 Sunset and Sunrise Scenes to Not be Visible Due to Weather Conditions Most of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will not be able to see the last sunset of this year or the first sunrise of the New Year due to overcast … 12-30 3095
1585 TEXT 전남도, 인권상담창구 운영한다 Jeollanamdo to Operate Counseling Session for Human Rights Jeollanamdo will operate a 'Human Rights Counseling' session at the provincial hall where citizens can come and directly report on human r… 12-30 2635
1584 TEXT 광주, 취업자 수 올해보다 1만 4000여명 늘린다 Gwangju to Work on Creating 14,000 Additional Jobs in the City The city of Gwangju will work on creating an additional 14,000 jobs in the city throughout next year. At a municipal meeti… 12-30 2698
1583 TEXT 광주시 AI-구제역 청정 Gwangju to be Free from AI and Foot and Mouth Disease The city of Gwangju is reportedly enforcing hygienic regulations due to the outbreaks of Avian Influenza and Foot and Mouth Disease that are threatening the farming… 12-30 2768
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