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1778 TEXT 무등산, 지난 해 382만명 찾았다 3.8 Million Hikers Visited Mt. Mudeung Last Year The total number of hikers that visited Mt. Mudeung last year was tallied at slightly over 3.8 million, down 4 percent from a year ago. National Mt. Mudeun… 01-26 2337
1777 TEXT 전라선 KTX 10대 중 3대 ‘저속철’ 우려 3 out of 10 Jeolla KTX Routes to be Remain as ‘Low speed Trains’ Concerns are rising as 3 out of 10 Jeolla KTX routes are likely to remain as ‘low speed trains’ even after the opening of th… 01-23 2649
1776 TEXT 광주읍성, 인터넷으로 오픈 Gwangju Eupseong Town Wall to be Found Online Built 500 years ago in the Goryo Dynasty, the Gwangju Eupseong or Town Wall that was destroyed during the Japanese occupation will be available for viewing and rese… 01-23 2619
1775 TEXT 광주 ACE Fair 4년 연속 유망전시회 선정 Gwangju ACE Fair Selected as Potential Exhibition by the Industry and Trade Ministry The 2015 Gwangju Asia Content and Entertainment Fair in Gwangju, better known as Gwangju ACE Fair, has been selec… 01-23 2460
1774 TEXT 무안국제공항 경항공기 정비시설 구축 선정됐다 Muan International Airport to Operate Light Plane Maintenance Facility The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has selected Muan International Airport as a target airport fo… 01-23 2551
1773 TEXT 설 차례상 전통시장은 20만원, 대형마트는 30만원 Cost for Preparing Charye Table to Be 200,000 won in Traditional Market and 300,000 won in Large Markets Leading up to Korea’s biggest holiday, Seol or New Year’s day according to th… 01-23 2542
1772 TEXT 정몽구 회장 잇단 광주 방문 Hyundai Motors CEO Jeong Mong-gu Visits Gwangju Hyundai Motors CEO Jeong Mong-gu made his second visit in a month to Gwangju, raising hopes for the successful operation of the Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation… 01-23 2454
1771 TEXT 독감유행 주의보, 광주전남서도 바이러스 검출됐다 Severe Cold Advisory Issued in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo In the midst of cold and windy weather, the number of patients with severe cold symptoms continues to rise and health authorit… 01-23 2523
1770 TEXT 광주 프랑스 문화원, 다채로운 프랑스 영화 소개한다 French Culture Center in Gwangju Introduces Array of French Films An array of French movies is being showcased at the French Culture Center in Gwangju, which rents books and movi… 01-23 2457
1769 TEXT 경기광주~광양 시외버스 신설 Inter City Buses Linking Gwangyang with Gwangju in Gyeongi Province to be Launched Intercity bus routes linking Gwangyang in Jeollanamdo with Gwangju of Gyeongi province will be launched and begin operation fr… 01-23 2436
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