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19945 TEXT 광주시청서 18일 ‘넬슨 만델라의 날’ 행사 ‘Nelson Mandela Int’l Day’ to be celebrated in Gwangju City Hall Nelson Mandela Day or Mandela Day that celebrates the late former president of Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela… 07-16 4677
19944 TEXT 광주시, 매주 수요일은 ‘가족의 날’ 지정 Gwangju Designates Wednesday as ‘Family Day’ The city of Gwangju will reportedly expand the ‘Family Day’ from the previous twice a month to every Wednesday of the week. The Family … 07-16 4665
19943 TEXT 광주시 고용우수기업 48개 선정 48 Corporations Selected as Excellent Employment Businesses in Gwangju The city of Gwangju selected a total of 48 local business administrations as ‘Excellent Employers of the Region’ for this year yeste… 07-16 4668
19942 TEXT 휴가 하루 더 가기 관광활성화 캠페인 Extended Vacation Campaign for Revitalization in Tourism In order to revitalize domestic tourism and relevant industries that have been experiencing a continuous downward trend in sales revenues sinc… 07-16 4989
19941 TEXT 광주, 아시아 디자인 중심에 서다 Gwangju as a Center of Asian Design The city of Gwangju will host the ‘2014 Asia Design Forum’ from November 2nd to the 16th at the Gwangju Design Center in order to build collaborative networks to re… 07-16 4570
19940 TEXT 담양 세계 대나무 박람회, 편의시설도 대나무로 World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea 2015 to Feature Bamboo-made Amenities The Organizing Committee for the World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea 2015 will reportedly construct all amenities insid… 07-16 5090
19939 TEXT 신안군 ‘섬길 따라 걷는 신안여행’ 책 발간, 무료로 보급 ‘Traveling to Shinan Along the Coastal Route’ Book to be Distributed Free Shinan-gun district published a travel guide to Shinan Island entitled ‘Trip to Shinan Alo… 07-16 5280
19938 TEXT 여름방학 청소년 캠프, 국립광주박물관, 시립민속박물관에서 Youth Summer Camp to be Held in Gwangju National Museum and Folk Museum The Gwangju National Museum and Folk Museum will host youth camps for local adolescents durin… 07-16 5066
19937 TEXT ‘세월호 직격탄’ 진도 주민, 생계지원 호소 Aftermath of Sewol Ferry Accident: Residents in Jindo Ask for Helps Residents of Jindo, who are still suffering from a drastic fall in sales revenues from fisheries goods grown in Jindo Is… 07-17 4839
19936 TEXT 광주비엔날레 시민참여 전시 ‘눈길’ Exhibition Featuring Civil Participation Garners Attention Celebrating its 10-year anniversary since the first Biennale, the 2014 Gwangju Biennale will prepare and display an exhibition that feature… 07-17 4820
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