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429 TEXT 전남 사업체 백신 자율접종 시작…현대제철·포스코 대상 Jeonnam Corporation Vaccination Autonomous Inoculation began for Hyundai(현대) Steelworks and POSCO Jeonnam Province revealed on the 28th that vaccinations have begun for some… 07-28 66
428 TEXT 광주시, 2023년 6월까지 지구단위계획 재정비 Gwangju City to reorganize district units plans by 2023 June Gwangju City revealed on the 28th that it began a contract service for District Unit Planning Reorganization. The District Unit Planni… 07-28 70
427 TEXT 광주 신생아 출생 작년 동기 대비 8.3% 증가 Gwangju new births increase by 8.3% compared to last year Gwangju City revealed on the 28th that there were a total of 3,451 newborn babies born this year between Jan and May. This is an 8.3% inc… 07-28 65
426 TEXT 광주 전남 '1주일새 245명' 3단계 격상에도 지속 발생 Gwangju Jeonnam with245 infected patients found in 1 week, 3rd level elevation but transmission continuing The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' Social Distancing measures ha… 07-28 66
425 TEXT 전남서 일주일 만에 가축2만8천마리 폐사…폭염피해 증가 Jeonnam with 28,000 animals dead in 1 week, heat related damage increasing The Jeonnam region has had 21 days of a heatwave, leaving 28,000 farm animals dead with damage piling … 07-29 86
424 TEXT 국토안전관리원-광주시,건축물 안전 강화'맞손' KALIS-Gwangju City holds hands to reinforce building safety The Korea Authority of Land and Infrastructure Safety signed a work agreement with Gwangju City to reinforce building sa… 07-29 66
423 TEXT '광주·전남1주일동안250명' 3단계 격상에도 줄지않는 확진(종합) 'Gwangju Jeonnam found with 250 patients in 1 week', transmission continuing amidstthe 3rd level The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' Social Distanci… 07-29 76
422 TEXT 광주28일 확진자39명,올해 두 번째로 많아 Gwangju with 39 infected patients found on the 28th, the 2nd highest record this year Gwangju City had 39 infected patients found yesterday, which was the second most daily cases this year. As fo… 07-29 66
421 TEXT 한국 오는 외국인 유학생, PCR검사3번 해야 Foreign International Students coming to Korea must pass 3 PCR tests Foreign international students entering Korea for the 2nd semester must be tested 3 times for COVID19 with PCR tests. Also, … 07-29 76
420 TEXT 광주 20∼30대, 5일 연속 일일 확진자 과반 차지 Gwangju people in 20s to 30s more than half of daily infected patients for 5 straight days The Gwangju region's COVID19 daily infection cases reached the highest level in the last 6 month… 07-29 81
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