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19867 TEXT 무안공항 해법 나올까 How to Solve Muan Int’l Airport Issue Following the inauguration earlier this month of the new mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City, Mr. Yoon Jang-hyun, and governor of Jeollanamdo, Mr. Lee Nak-yeon, the two new represen… 07-08 5270
19866 TEXT 북 인천 AG 응원단 파견, 광주 U대회 남북단일팀 청신호 N. Korea Sending Cheering Squad to Incheon AG Signals Green Light for Joint Korean Team for Gwangju Universiade As North Korea said it will dispatch a cheering squad to the Inch… 07-08 5664
19865 TEXT 큰빗이끼벌레 영산강 서식조사 Investigation Begins on Yeongsan River for Moss Organism Environmental experts and regional environment activists in Gwangju will begin inspection of the Yeongsan River as a series of invertebrate moss animal… 07-08 5334
19864 TEXT 한-중 FTA 가시화, 광주지역 김치업체 긴장 Korea-China FTA Progress, Worries of Gwangju Based Kimchi Industry Heightens With the summit meeting between President Park Geun-hye and Chinese President Xi Jin-ping and recent progress being … 07-08 5633
19863 TEXT 내일부터 전국 태풍 너구리 영향권 Korean Peninsula to be Under Direct Influence of Typhoon Neoguri Starting tomorrow, the Korean peninsula is expected to come under the direct influence of the season’s 8th typhoon, NEOGURI. Mostly … 07-08 5417
19862 TEXT 목포역 ‘동해 바다열차’ 무박 2일 운행 Mokpo Station ‘East Sea Ocean Train’ to be in Operation Korea Railroad Corporation and its Mokpo Station will operate a two-night ocean train route to the East Sea and Gangwon province, depar… 07-08 5445
19861 TEXT 넘어, 넘어 증보판 나온다 Updated Version of May 18th Records Book to be Published An enlarged edition of a book that is a collection of historical records regarding the May 18th Democratization Movement, 'Beyond Death, Beyond the Darkne… 07-09 5999
19860 TEXT 광주전남 오늘밤부터 태풍 영향권 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Come Under the Effect of Typhoon Starting Tonight The season's 8th typhoon 'NEOGURI' is expected to affect Gwangju and Jeollanamdo starting tonight and lasting u… 07-09 5048
19859 TEXT 광주시민 절반이상 여름휴가 3-4일 More than Half of Gwangju Citizens to Vacation for 3 to 4 Days 8 out of 10 Gwangju citizens are reportedly planning on summer vacations this year and, among them, more than half will be on vacation for 3… 07-09 5326
19858 TEXT 목포대-순천대 대학 특성화사업 선정 Mokpo and Suncheon University Selected for Specialization of University Project Mokpo University and Suncheon University have recently been selected as target educational institutes for the Ministry … 07-09 5215
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