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16659 TEXT 여수시, 전국 지자체 평가 '중소도시 부문' 종합 2위 Yeosu(여수) City ranked 2nd of 'Small and Medium Cities' among national municipal evaluation Jeonnam's Yeosu(여수) City was ranked 2nd place for '2020… 05-22 67
16658 TEXT KIA, 롯데전 공격도 수비도 완벽한 승리 KIA ahead in series against Lotte KIA Tigers confirmed a winning-series against Lotte as of May 20th. There was a match between the KIA Tigers and the Lotte Giants on May 20th for the 2nd game of th… 05-21 44
16657 TEXT 광주시, 생활형 공공일자리 4천102명 모집…22일부터 신청 Gwangju city recruiting 4,102 people for Livelihood Public Jobs, applications accepted from May 22nd Gwangju city is recruiting Public Jobs Project participants amid the curre… 05-21 46
16656 TEXT 광주시 공무원 골프·술자리·노래방 '자제령'(종합) Gwangju city public officers 'refrain order' from golf, drinking and Noraebang(노래방) visits Gwangju city began reinforcements for public officers within the … 05-21 39
16655 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장 "5월21일 시민의날, 계엄군 물리친날" Gwangju City mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) "May 21st is Citizens' Day, the day which Martial Military were resisted" Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangju city mayor made an … 05-21 41
16654 TEXT 광주학생 45명 등교후 발열 증상…학평 치르지 못해 45 students in Gwangju showed symptoms such as fevers to miss Education Evaluation Test There were 45 students within Gwangju who showed symptoms such as fevers on the 2nd day of scho… 05-21 42
16653 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총11,122, 12명 추가,이태원 관련 확진자 총 206명 Domestic infected total 11,122, increased by 12, Itaewon(이태원) related infected totals 206 Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 12 for May 20th to tota… 05-21 38
16652 TEXT 코로나 확진자2명,광주시 다녀갔다 2 COVID19 infected patients visited Gwangju There were 2 COVID19 infected patients who visited Gwangju to raise concerns for possible spread of the virus. Our Jongmin Kim reports. South Korea's new c… 05-21 37
16651 TEXT 문 닫는 20대 국회, 광주·전남 현안 법안 자동폐기 20th National Assembly closed, Gwangju Jeonnam issues automatically discarded The 20th National Assembly closed its operations with the plenary session on May 20th. As a result, the ma… 05-21 41
16650 TEXT 광주·전남 고3 73명 선별진료소 이송·귀가 조치 73 Gwangju-Jeonnam high school seniors visited Screening Clinic to be transferred home afterward On May 20th when school for high schools seniors were resumed, there were 73 students withi… 05-21 78
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