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17213 TEXT 광주시,오늘부터 사회적 거리두기1단계 전환 Gwangju lowers its social distancing measures Gwangju City switched the Social distancing measures of the former 2nd level to the 1st level starting today. Our Hyungjin Ro reports. The city… 08-03 32
17212 TEXT 실적악화에 회사통장 압류...광주공장 이전은 지지부진 Kumho(금호) Tire situation worsening Kumho(금호) Tire is greeting its 60th anniversary of itsfoundation this year with a worsened situation. According to the industrial fiel… 08-03 28
17211 TEXT 광주·전남 4일째 폭염특보…체감온도 33도 Gwangju Jeonnam heat wave advisory issued for 4 consecutive days Gwangju Jeonnam region's heat wave advisory was issued for 4 consecutive days. According to the Gwangju Office of Meteorol… 08-03 36
17210 TEXT 광주 거리두기 2단계→1단계 완화…무엇이 달라지나 Gwangju Social Distancing measures alleviated to 1st level The 2nd level Social Distancing measures issued within Gwangju City will be alleviated to the 1st level starting today. Th… 08-03 37
17209 TEXT 광주시, 8월 3일부터 스쿨존 불법주정차 주민신고제 시행 Gwangju City to operate School Zone Illegal Parking Residents Report System Gwangju City will officially begin the residents reporting system for illegal parking in the Child Pro… 08-03 30
17208 TEXT 광주•전남 올 첫 폭염특보…17개 시•군에 폭염주의보 First Heat wave advisory issued in Gwangju and South Jeolla There was the first heat wave advisory issued in 17 cities and counties within Gwangju Jeonnam region. Our HyungJin Ro… 07-31 56
17207 TEXT 순천만국제정원박람회 "1천일 앞으로"…기념 제막식 Suncheon(순천) Bay International Garden Fair 1,000 days ahead There was a ceremonial event held on July 31st at the Suncheon(순천) City Hall to celebrate the approval of the 2023 S… 07-31 47
17206 TEXT 전남도, 긴급복지 지원기준 완화…예술인도 긴급 지원 Jeonnam Province to alleviate Emergency Welfare Support standards Jeonnam Province revealed on July 31st that there will be a temporary alleviation of the qualifications for certai… 07-31 44
17205 TEXT 코로나 확진자 늘면 시민 이동 확 줄어…광주시민 이동량 분석 COVID19 infection cases increase to reduce citizens' travel There was a clear trend in which citizens' travel decreased along with the recent transmissions … 07-31 46
17204 TEXT '잇단 주택가 침수피해' 광주 중흥2구역 재개발 공사 중지 명령 Continued flooding cases stop redevelopment construction at JungHeung(중흥) 3rd district Gwangju's Bukgu(북구) District Office issued an administrativ… 07-31 46
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