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1766 TEXT 충북도, 청주시 ‘호남고속철 서대전 경유 반대’ North Chungcheong and Chungju city to Oppose Inclusion of Seodaejeon Station on Honam KTX North Chungcheong province and the city of Cheongju, previously silent on issues related to … 01-22 2539
1765 TEXT 호남 고속철 개통으로 김포-광주 항공편 직격탄 맞는다 ‘ Kimpo-Gwangju Air Route to Suffer due to Opening of the Honam KTX With the travel time between Gwangju and Seoul being reduced from the previous 2 hours and 40 minutes to 1… 01-22 2482
1764 TEXT 순천만정원 안내지도 디자인 공모전 개최 Design Contest for Suncheon Bay Garden Guidance Map to be Hosted The city of Suncheon will reportedly conduct a ‘Design Contest for Suncheon Bay Garden Guidance Map’ prior to the designation… 01-22 2475
1763 TEXT 중소기업진흥공단, 중국시장 개척 참가기업 모집 Small Business Administration to Recruit Participating Corporations for Researching Chinese Market The Small to Medium Sized Business Administration in Gwangju will recruit regional b… 01-22 2476
1762 TEXT 정율성 선생 광주 발자취 QR 코드 찍으면 나온다 Traces of Great Musician Jeong Yul-seong Can Now be Checked Through QR Code Cultural and historical records related to Jeong Yul-seong, a Gwangju-born Chinese music composer, will now b… 01-22 2597
1761 TEXT 차이밍량 감독, 광주에서 ‘관객과의 대화’ Director Tsai Ming Liang to Host ‘Talk with the Director’ Session in Gwangju World-renowned filmmaker, Tsai Ming Liang, will host a ‘Talk with the Director’ session for the audience… 01-22 2751
1760 TEXT 목포 탈영병 일주일째 행방 묘연 Deserted Solider Still Missing in Mokpo For a sixth day, military and police authorities have failed to locate an armed private soldier, surnamed Lee, who deserted his station in Mokpo at North Harbor last… 01-22 2695
1759 TEXT 광주시, 청년위원 33명 모집 Gwangju to Recruit Young Policymaking Committee Members for the City The city of Gwangju will run a ‘Gwangju Youth Policymaking Committee’ from this year, which will feature the direct participation of youth … 01-22 2494
1758 TEXT 새정치 의원들, 장관 만나 KTX 서대전역 경유 철회 촉구 Main Opposition Lawmakers Meet Transport Minister to Request Withdrawal of Inclusion of Seodaejeon Station Regional lawmakers from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for… 01-22 2535
1757 TEXT 여수시, 전라선 KTX 증차 코레일에 건의 Yeosu to Request Additional Jeolla KTX The city of Yeosu has requested that the Korea Railroad Corporation expand the Jeolla KTX for Honam KTX on March. According to the city of Yeosu, the city r… 01-22 2481
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