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17737 TEXT "광주·전남 행정 통합 공론화로 결정해야…특별법 제정 필요" "Gwangju Jeonnam Administrative Integration must be decided through public debate" There was an opinion voiced regarding the recent suggestion made by Gwangju City Mayor L… 10-13 23
17736 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,805, 총 102명 추가, 확진자 다시 100명 초과COVID 19 daily infections add 102 to total 24,805,New virus cases bounce back to triple digits, cluster infections still drag on in virus fight South Korea's new… 10-13 11
17735 TEXT Mayors and Governors gather in Seoul to discuss ways to spur Korean New Deal initiative 오늘 제2차 한국판 뉴딜 전략회의…17개 시도지사 참석 President Moon Jae-in and the heads of 17 provincial and city governments put their heads toge… 10-13 12
17734 TEXT 광주시 공공의료원 부지 선정 난항...행정절자 지연 우려 Gwangju City has difficulties in selecting Public Medical Center location Gwangju City is currently experiencing difficulties selecting a location for the establishment of a Publ… 10-13 20
17733 TEXT 광주 교사 임용시험 경쟁률, 유치원 16대 1·초등 6대 1(종합) Gwangju Teachers' Appointment Examination competitionrates at 16 to 1 for kindergartens, 6 to 1 for elementary schools Gwangju and Jeonnam Offices of Education revealed … 10-13 19
17732 TEXT '코로나 여파' 광주 소매·유통업 깊어지는 불황 COVID19 impacting Gwangju's small businesses and distribution firms The Gwangju region's small businesses and distribution firms are experiencing losses as an impact of … 10-13 16
17731 TEXT 거리 두기 완화하자마자…광주서 코로나19 재확산 우려 Gwangju with r ebounding COVID 19 regional transmission concerns amidst lessened Social Distancing Gwangju City is experiencing concerns that there could be rebounding regional tr… 10-13 12
17730 TEXT 광주시, 올해 인구 주택 총조사…12만 가구 대상 Gwangju City's Population and Housing Census surveys 120,000 households Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 12th that the '2020 Population and Housing Census' will be operating fro… 10-12 17
17729 TEXT 장성군, 거리 두기 완화에 장성호 수변길 운영 재개 Jangseong(장성) County to resume Jangseong(장성) Lake side-roads with eased Social Distancing measures Jeonnam's Jangseong(장성) County resumed operation for the Jangseong(… 10-12 19
17728 TEXT 전남 대다수 초·중·고, 19일부터 전면등교 Most Elementary, Middle and High schools within Jeonnam to have complete onsite classes from Oct. 19th Jeonnam region's elementary, middle and high schools plan to operate complete onsite clas… 10-12 16
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