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15855 TEXT ‘신종코로나 가짜 뉴스 폐해’광주 아웃렛 매출60% ‘뚝’ ‘New coronavirus fake news damages’, caused 60% drop of the sales at the outlet in Gwangju With the fake news reported of the 16thpatient having worked at an outlet of Gwang… 02-07 56
15854 TEXT 전남대병원, 16번째 신종코로나 환자에 에이즈 치료제 사용 Jeonnam University Hospital, using AIDS medication for the 16thcoronavirus patient It is reported that AIDS medication was administered to the new coronavirus patients in Gwangj… 02-07 60
15853 TEXT '신종코로나'확산우려에 광주·전남 지정 격리병상14개뿐(종합) Only 14 treatment beds in the midst of fears for the spread of the ‘new coronavirus’ In the midst of fears of the coronavirus spread within the region, ther… 02-07 48
15852 TEXT '기억하라 오월정신 꽃피어라 대동세상' 40주년5·18슬로건 ‘Remember, the spirit of May. Blossom afair world’, slogan for the 40thanniversary of May 18th The slogan for the 40thanniversary for the May 18thPeople’s Uprising… 02-07 42
15851 TEXT 국내 우한폐렴 확진자 4명 추가 발생 S. Korea reports 4 more cases of new coronavirus South Korea said on Thursday that it will heighten preparedness and response to curb further spread of the new coronavirus as the country added four more confir… 02-06 62
15850 TEXT 16번 환자 딸·오빠 확진'슈퍼 전파'우려 16thpatient’s daughter and brother confirmed to be infected, concerned for appearance of ‘super spreader’ There are concerns rising regarding the possible appearance of ‘super spreaders… 02-06 67
15849 TEXT 국내 신종코로나1번 환자 오늘 퇴원 예정…격리치료18일만(종합) The first confirmed case of the new coronavirus in the country was discharged today, after 18 days of quarantine and treatment The first infected patient of the new coron… 02-06 60
15848 TEXT 7일부터 신종코로나 검사 대상 확대…'중국 방문력'없어도 시행(종합) Subjects for the new coronavirus test extended from Feb. 7th, to operate without history of visit to China From this moment onwards, if a doctorsuspects … 02-06 50
15847 TEXT "16번 환자 극장·마트 방문,아웃렛 직원"…광주시"가짜 뉴스" “The 16thpatient visited cinema, mart and is an employee at the outlet”, all revealed to be fake news by Gwangju city It has been verified that the itinerary routes and wo… 02-06 53
15846 TEXT 22번환자 광주-나주 생활반경 넓어…지역사회 감염 우려(종합) 22ndconfirmed patient with large radius of living, concerns arising for infection within the region There are rising fears in the regionas the 22ndconfirmed case appeared in… 02-06 73
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