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17697 TEXT 임신 24주 이내 낙태요건 대폭 완화…'시기 제한' 논란 예고 Abortion conditions alleviated to within 24 weeks of pregnancy The government's abortion allowance regulations are expected to be legalized on Oct. 7th fo… 10-08 22
17696 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,353, 총 114명 추가, 확진자 다시 100명 넘어 COVID 19 daily infections add 114 to total 24,353,virus cases bounce back to over 100, potential uptick looming after holiday South Korea's daily new in… 10-08 19
17695 TEXT "전면등교 이뤄지나" 광주 초·중·고 등교 방식 11일 결정 Gwangju Elementary, Middle and High Schools class methods to be decided on Oct. 11th Gwangju City and the Office of Education will decide on the elementary, middle and high… 10-07 27
17694 TEXT 광주 외국인 직접 투자 5년간 최하위권…"투자환경 개선 필요" Gwangju foreign-direct investment ranked lowest in the last 5 years Gwangju City recorded the lowest foreign direct investment for the last 5 years. Therefore, there… 10-07 25
17693 TEXT 경제활동 취약계층에 단기 일자리…'광주형 일거리' 사업 시동 Economically disadvantaged to be provided short-term jobs There are 'Gwangju Type Job' projects promoted to provide the economically disadvantag… 10-07 24
17692 TEXT 국민의힘, 오월열사 앞 무릎꿇고 5·18 3법 통과 약속(종합) People Power Party kneels before the May's activists to promise the 3 May 18th Laws The People Power Party's People Integration Committee Chairperson and the �… 10-07 21
17691 TEXT 광주·전남 공공기관 21대 국회의 첫 국정감사 Parliamentary inspection of Gwangju and Jeonnam’s Public Authorities to kick off amid pandemic The parliamentary inspection is scheduled to begin Wednesday for a 20-day run to… 10-07 27
17690 TEXT 귀농·귀촌 인구 전국적 감소…전남은 증가 Rural migration population decreased across the country whereas Jeonnam region had an increase The rural migration population is decreasing across the country every year. However, it was… 10-07 26
17689 TEXT 광주·전남 소비자 물가 3개월 연속 상승 Gwangju Jeonnam Consumer Prices increase for 3 consecutive months The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' Consumer Prices have increased for 3 months straight. This includes last month … 10-07 28
17688 TEXT 광주 장록습지 보호 지역 3.06㎢→2.67㎢ 축소…연내 지정 전망 Gwangju JangLok(장록) Wetland Protection District decreased from the former 3.06km2 to 2.67km2 The JangLok(장록) Wetland, which is promoted to become the first in… 10-07 21
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