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16130 TEXT 주가 또 폭락마감...코스피.코스닥 초유의 동반거래정지 Stock markets closed in dramatic fall again, circuit breaker tripped for KOSPI,KOSDAQ There was a circuitbreaker in effect forKorean stock markets on Mar. 13th. This isafter 3 co… 03-13 59
16129 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총7,979명, 사망 72명 Domestic COVID 19 infected total 7,979 with 72 deceased As of Mar. 13th, there are 110 added confirmed cases of COVID 19 within Korea to total 7,979. Also, there were 72 deceased in total so far… 03-13 57
16128 TEXT 한국노총 '광주형일자리 파기 선언'… Labor Union announces withdrawal from Gwangju Type Job Project The Labor Union announced its withdrawal from ‘Gwangju Type Job’ project. Our Hyungjin Ro reports. The Gwangju Type Job Pr… 03-13 55
16127 TEXT 광주시 콜센터 점검,믿어도 되나 Can the ‘call-center examination’ be trusted? Gwangju city revealed that all call-centers’ disinfection examinations were completed for proper operation. However, there are skeptics questioning the credib… 03-13 52
16126 TEXT 한국노총'광주형일자리 파기 선언' Korea Trade Unions announce withdrawal from ‘Gwangju Type Job’ The first labor and management joint jobs project of ‘Gwangju Type Job’ is at risk. According to the Federation of Korean… 03-13 51
16125 TEXT 광주시,소프트웨어 서비스 지원 사업에3개 과제 선정 Gwangju city selects 3 tasks at Software Service Support Project Gwangju city revealed on Mar. 12ththat 3 tasks were selected for the region’s Software Service Commercialization Sup… 03-13 51
16124 TEXT '코로나19'확진자 접촉한 신안지역6명 모두'음성' All 6 contacted by COVID19 infected test negative in ShinAhn(신안) The 6 people who made contact with a person infected with COVID19 tested negative in the Jeonnam Sh… 03-13 53
16123 TEXT 옛 광주교도소 발굴 유골261구 추정 Old Gwangju Prison remains estimated to be from 261 people The National Forensic Service, orNFS, revealed that there were a total of 261 people's remains discovered at the old Gwangju prison site. Our Jo… 03-12 61
16122 TEXT 5·18지방 공휴일 지정 논의 제동 May 18thlocal public holiday designation halted The discussions to designate this year’s May 18thas a public holiday within the region have been halted. Gwangju city council held a conference on Mar. 12t… 03-12 55
16121 TEXT 광주시,총선공약30개사업건의 Gwangju city to propose 30 business plans as the pledges for general election Gwangju city confirmed 30 business plans to propose as 21stgeneral election pledges. These include AI Centered Industrial Innovation, L… 03-12 52
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