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15439 TEXT 올해마지막순회상영,광주서아세안영화주간행사 개막 Special film exhibition opens in Gwangju The City of Gwangju held the ASEAN Cinema Week starting from the 12thto celebrate the relationships of Korea-ASEAN. It will be a good opportu… 12-12 2
15438 TEXT '주한미군 현 수준 유지'美국방수권법,하원서 압도적 가결 US Congress decides to keep their troops in Korea at the current level. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) proposal was reviewed and passed at the United S… 12-12 1
15437 TEXT 박항서, 60년만에 베트남 우승 한풀어 Vietnamese football team wins gold at the Southeast Asian Games for the first time in 60 years under Park Hang Seo’s guide. Park Hang Seo, head coach of Vietnam’s National Football Team, and his team … 12-11 23
15436 TEXT 광주 풍향 재개발사업,고소전·법정 다툼'갈등 심화' Punghyang redevelopment project under heavy conflicts. The Punghyang (풍향) Redevelopment project’s contractor selection is being delayed and becoming a war of accusatio… 12-11 8
15435 TEXT 광주 시민 참여 체납정리반,체납액56억3천만원 징수 Gwangju collects 5.6 billion won from tax evaders. The City of Gwangju in conjunction with the local civic organizations formed a delinquent maintenance team and announced on Wednesday… 12-11 4
15434 TEXT 광주시 국비2조5천379억 확정…AI육성·도시철도 건설 탄력 Gwangju secures 2.5 trillion won in national budget. The City of Gwangju is set to receive 2.5 trillion won in national funding next year and the officials are looking forward … 12-11 8
15433 TEXT 광주시,인구정책 윤곽…종합계획수립 Gwangju to establish comprehensive policy to tackle population problem According to recently released data the number of residents in Gwangju City is expected to keep on decreasing until 2047. Therefore,… 12-11 17
15432 TEXT 주52시간제 계도기간 또 부여 Korean Government suggests smaller companies to have 1-year period of adjustment for 52-hour work week implementation. The South Korea Government granted small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a 1-year grace per… 12-11 3
15431 TEXT 미세먼지 내일부터 걷힌다. South Korea suffers from ultrafine dust, expected to clear by tomorrow. South Korea has been suffering from extremely bad air quality for 3 days as ultrafine dust concentrations read ‘bad’ to ‘very bad’ nation… 12-11 3
15430 TEXT 광주 생활 안전 지수 양호…화재·감염병은1등급 Gwangju’s Living Safety Index registered at ‘good’ level The City of Gwangju’s Living Safety had reportedly improved according to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety’s (MOIS) … 12-11 10
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