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17777 TEXT "아픔 넘어 화해와 상생으로"…여수서 여순사건 합동 추념식 Joint Commemoration for Yeo-Sun Incident held at Yi Sun-shin Square There was a joint commemoration ceremony held for the Yeosu(여수)-Suncheon(순천) Incident at Lee SunS… 10-19 10
17776 TEXT 한전공대 '특별법' 제정…첫 심사부터 야당 반발 우려 KETECH, 'Special Law' to be established, opposition from Opposition Party There was a law proposed to facilitate the establishment of the tentatively called Korea… 10-19 9
17775 TEXT 광주시교육청, 다문화 학생 대상 이중언어말하기 대회 Gwangju Office of Education held 'Bilingual Speaking Contest' for multicultural students Gwangju Office of Education revealed on Oct. 19th that the 8th Bilingual Speaking … 10-19 36
17774 TEXT 광주서 이틀 만에 확진자 발생…자가 격리 해제 전 검사서 양성 Gwangju with an infected patient again There was a COVID 19 infected patient found within Gwangju City yesterday. This is according to the City on Oct. 18th that a … 10-19 12
17773 TEXT 광주 초·중·고 19일부터 대부분 등교수업 Most of Gwangju Elementary, Middle, High Schools to have onsite classes from Oct. 19th Most of Gwangju region's elementary, middle and high schools will have onsite class operations from Oct. 1… 10-19 8
17772 TEXT 한국 가장 오래된 ‘단관 상영관’ 광주극장 85돌 영화제The longest-standing 'single theater', Gwangju Cinema to hold 85th Movie Festival There will be the 85th year of the Gwangju Cinema Festival held between Oct. 16th and 31… 10-16 26
17771 TEXT 5·18 민주묘지서 20일부터 세계 인권 기록물 전시 May 18th National Cemetery to display World Human Rights Archives from Oct. 20th The May 18th National Cemetery of the Archives Center revealed on Oct. 16th that there will be a Human Rig… 10-16 26
17770 TEXT 코로나 충격에' 광주전남 9월 무역수지 '불황형 흑자' COVID 19 impacts Gwangju Jeonnam'sSept. Trade Surplus The Gwangju Jeonnam regions' Sept. exports rates have decreased by almost 10% compared to last month. … 10-16 27
17769 TEXT 육군총장 역대 첫 5.18 사과, 문정부 군 수뇌부 잇단 사죄 Chief of Staff of the Korean Army apologizes for May 18th for the first time Nam YeongShin(남영신), the Chief of Staff of the Korean Army, officially apologized for the violent… 10-16 25
17768 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 25,035 총 47명 추가, 주말 앞두고 확진자 50명 이하 COVID 19 daily infections add 47 to total 25,035, new virus cases drop below 50 amid eased Social Distancing in the face of the weekend The country's … 10-16 18
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