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1876 TEXT 광주전남 대학 신입생 등록률 89% Enrollment Rate in Local Universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Mark 89 Percent The enrollment rate in regional universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo marked 89 percent for the 2015 academic year. A… 02-05 2416
1875 TEXT 한국방송광고진흥공사, ‘2015 지역경제 활성화 위한 호남지역 초청간담회’ 개최 Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation Hosts ‘Invitation Conference Meeting in Honam Regions for Revitalization of Local Economy’ Korea … 02-05 2524
1874 TEXT 전남도, 지방 도로 좋아진다 Road Conditions in Jeollanamdo to be Improved Jeollanamdo will reportedly invest some 182 billion won in road improvements in 36 residential complexes and surrounding expressways and connection roads to differe… 02-05 2466
1873 TEXT 친일 인사 김백일 이름 딴 서구 백일로, ‘학생독립로’로 Named after Pro-Japanese Figure, ‘Beik-il Ro’ to be Changed into ‘Student Independence Road’ The ‘Baek-il’-ro, or Baek-il road, in Seo-gu of Gwangju that was th… 02-05 2762
1872 TEXT 전직 광주시장들 U대회 명예위원장 발촉 Former Gwangju Mayors Appointed as Honorary Committee Members of the Universiade Two former mayors of the city of Gwangju will be appointed as honorary committee members of the upcoming Gwangju S… 02-05 2459
1871 TEXT KTX 호남선 개통 또 연기되나 Opening of the Honam KTX May be Postponed Scheduled for April 6th, the opening of the Honam KTX may be delayed once again following an initial postponement of the train due to ongoing disputes over the controver… 02-05 2482
1870 TEXT 광주 봉선동 아파트 옹벽 붕괴 Retaining Wall at an Apartment Complex in Gwangju Bongseon-dong Collapses A retaining wall at an apartment complex in Gwangju Namgu-district’s Bongseon-dong area collapsed around 3:50 a.m. this morning, dem… 02-05 2455
1869 TEXT 광주 고려인들, 정기적인 한국어 교육 받는다 Goryo-in in Gwangju to Receive Regular Korean Education Goryo-in, Koreans who have immigrated back to Korea from Russia and Kazakhstan as well as Uzbekistan, and now reside in Gwangju, will… 02-05 2371
1868 TEXT 80년 전통 광주극장 ‘영화의 집’으로 바뀐다 Annex Building of the Gwangju Cinema to be Turned into ‘Cinema House’ and Opened to the Public Today Having functioned as an inner house for the Gwangju Cinema since 1967, a two sto… 02-05 2440
1867 TEXT 국토위, 다음 주 중 호남고속철 경유문제 업무보고 받는다 Transport Ministry to Brief on the Inclusion of Seodaejeon station at Honam KTX Next Week The National Assembly Land and Transport Committee will hold a conference meeting … 02-05 2376
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