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16255 TEXT NEW POST 4.15총선 레이스 시작, 광주 민심은? Candidates get ready for April 15 general election With the Apr. 15th General Election approaching, the candidates are ready for the final election campaigns. Our HyungJin Ro has more. The race for the … 17:28 6
16254 TEXT NEW POST 국내 코로나19확진자총9,661명,78명 추가 Domestic COVID 19 infected total 9,661, increased by 78 The increase of domestic COVID19 infections is again in double digits, increasing by 78 for Mar. 29th to total 9,661 in Korea. As for the Gwan… 17:28 4
16253 TEXT NEW POST "1천400만 가구에 4인 기준 100만원 긴급재난지원금, 5월 중 지급되도록" Emergency Disaster Support Funds, 1 million won per 4 family membersfor 14 million households, to be distributed within May President Moon revealed on Mar. 30th… 17:28 4
16252 TEXT NEW POST 한층 강화된 해외 입국자 관리…공항에서 광주 집까지 여정은 Reinforced management for overseas entrants, journey from the airport to Gwangju Following consecutive cases of overseas entrants infected withCOVID19, the health authori… 17:28 4
16251 TEXT NEW POST '광주형 일자리' 자동차 공장 공정률 8%…내년 4월 완공 'Gwangju Type Job' automobiles factory8%processed, to be completed by Apr. 2021 The automobile factory construction which is the core task of the Gwangju Type J… 17:28 5
16250 TEXT NEW POST 광주·전남 중소기업, 경기 전망 갈수록 암울 Gwangju.Jeonnam small and medium businesses expecting further economic recession The business prospects for the Gwangju Jeonnam regions' small and medium businesses are darkening. Accor… 17:27 4
16249 TEXT NEW POST KIA 31일부터 3경기 자체 중계 KIA to self-broadcast 4 matches from Mar. 31st TheKIATigers will be live-broadcasting their training matches conducted at Gwangju-KIAChampions field. Therefore, 3 matches will be on live-broadcast on Mar. 31st… 17:27 4
16248 TEXT NEW POST 텃밭 광주서 민주·민생당'호남 대통령'난타전 The Democratic Party and Minsaeng(민생) Party at war for “Lee Nak-Yeon” marketing The Democratic Party and Minsaeng(민생) Party are in aconflict regarding ‘Lee NakYeon(이… 11:50 11
16247 TEXT NEW POST 사회적 거리두기에 드라이브 스루 쇼핑·식음료 구매 눈길 Social distancing to attract ‘drive-through shopping, grocery’ With the COVID19 spread and social distancing becoming necessary in society, drive-through shopping at departm… 11:50 18
16246 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, 4월1일부터 코로나19긴급생계비 신청 받는다 Gwangju city, COVID19 Emergency Livelihood Support Fund applicable from Apr. 1st Gwangju city will be accepting applications for the Emergency Livelihood Support Fund from Apr. 1st. … 10:11 22
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