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1060 TEXT 송광사, 대흥사 도난 문화재 23년만에 돌아온다 Stolen Treasures Coming Back Home to Songwangsa Temple and Daeheungsa Temple After 23 Years Stolen treasures from Korea’s traditional temples at Suncheon Songwangsa Temple and the Haen… 10-23 3761
1059 TEXT 2016 아셈 문화장관회의 광주에서 열려야 2016 ASEM Cultural Summit Should be Held in Gwangju With the release of the national government’s plan to host the 2016 Asia Europe Meeting of cultural ministers in Korea, the city of Gwangju is… 10-23 4006
1058 TEXT 목포진 복원사업 7년만에 완성 Restoration Project of Mokpojin Now Completed Restoration of Mokpojin, a traditional Korean construction which was where maritime administrative personnel resided during the Joseon dynasty before it vanished … 10-22 3658
1057 TEXT 광주전남 외국인 유학생 중도 탈락률 급증 Student Wastage Rates Among International Students Studying in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Drastically Increase The student wastage rate or the number of students dropping out of the curriculum am… 10-22 3496
1056 TEXT 완도 국제해조류박람회 3년마다 연다 Wando International Seaweed Expo to be Held Every 3 Years First held this year, the Wando International Seaweed Expo will be held once every three years in the future. Wando-gun district held a publ… 10-22 3871
1055 TEXT 여수 엑스포 빅오쇼 관람객 15만명 다녀가 Yeosu Expo’s Big O Show Features 150,000 Tourists A landmark tourist attraction at the Yeosu Expo, the Big O show is gaining popularity among visitors nationwide, marking a total of accumulated… 10-22 3829
1054 TEXT 광주 무역수지 25개월 흑자 Trade Surplus Continues in Gwangju for 25 Months Gwangju has had a trade surplus for 25 months as of September this year, whereas Jeollanamdo has marked 300 million in deficits. According to the Gwangju Main Cust… 10-22 3569
1053 TEXT 광주전남 오늘도 10mm 비 Rainfalls to Continue Through this Morning Scattered rain drizzles are forecast across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo throughout the morning with some southern coastal regions receiving up to 10 millimeters of rain per hour.… 10-22 3584
1052 TEXT 광주시-조선대 손잡고 호남권역 재활병원 살린다 Gwangju and Joseon University to Cooperate in Reviving Local Rehabilitation Hospitals The city of Gwangju will cooperate with Joseon University to revive and revitalize local rehabili… 10-22 3651
1051 TEXT 한-중합작 정율성 영화 제작한다 Korea and China to Jointly Produce Jeong Yul-seong Movie Korea and China will jointly produce a movie themed after the Gwangju-born renowned musician in China, Jeong Yul-seong, starting this year. Organize… 10-22 3599
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