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879 TEXT 광주 – 취안저우 민간교류 활발 Vigorous Cultural and Civil Exchanges Between Gwangju – Quanzhou Two member cities of the ‘East Asia Cultural City Network’, the city of Gwangju and Quanzhou in China, are promoting a great level of c… 09-29 3094
878 TEXT 설악산 단풍관광열차 내달 17일부터 Autumn Foliage Tourism Train to Mt. Seolak Available from October 17th Korea Railroad Corporation Gwangju Branch has announced it will operate a tourism train on October 17th for a trip to Mt. Seolak, … 09-29 2525
877 TEXT 광주 숭덕고 자사고 취소 Autonomous High School, Sungdeok, Becomes Ordinary High School The Education Office in Gwangju approved the cancellation of Sungdeok High School as an autonomous high school, setting the stage for it to become o… 09-29 2391
876 TEXT 광주 아리랑 축제 오는 10월 3일부터 Gwangju Arirang Festival to be Held from October 3rd Gwangju World Arirang Festival will be held from October 3rd for two days at the Asia Multi-cultural Community Park with the theme, 'Song of Lan… 09-29 2488
875 TEXT 남도음식 큰잔치 30만명 성황 Namdo Food Festival Attracts 300,000 The Namdo Food Festival that was held from September 26th for three days at Damyang's Juknokwon or Bamboo Forest welcomed some 300,000 visitors from across the nation. … 09-29 2390
874 TEXT 광주전남 대표 선수들 '금빛 주말' Gwangju and Jeollanamdo-Based Korean Representatives Win Gold Medals at Incheon Asiad Athletes based in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo who are representing Korea at the ongoing Incheon Asian games won… 09-29 2340
873 TEXT 아시아 인권운동가들, 국가 폭력 논의 심포지엄 Human Rights Activists Discuss State Violence in Gwangju Asia's human rights activists gathered in Gwangju today at the Gwangju Biennale Geosigi Hall to discuss state violence and i… 09-26 2441
872 TEXT 윤장현 광주시장 '고려인 적극 지원 나서야' GJ Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun Raises Voice on the Need to Support Goryeo-in Upon the news report of a Goryeo-in resident in Gwangju who took his life due to economic hardships, Gwangju m… 09-26 2553
871 TEXT 광주 자살률 11% 감소, 전국 최하위 Suicide Rate in Gwangju Falls by 11 Percent, Marking the Lowest Figures in the Nation The suicide rate in Gwangju fell by 11 percent, making the number of citizens who committed suicide here the lowest i… 09-26 2414
870 TEXT 순천만정원, 국가정원으로 Suncheon Bay Garden as a National Garden New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker, Kim Gwang-jin, submitted a resolution urging the national government to designate Suncheon Bay Garden as Korea's first na… 09-26 4926
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