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2584 TEXT 광주시립미술관, 민주인권평화전 ‘아빠의 청춘’전 Democracy, Human Rights and Peace Exhibition, ‘My Father’s Youthful Days’ The Gwangju Museum of Art will commemorate the month of May, a month that features May 18th Democr… 05-08 1994
2583 TEXT 광주 풍암제 주변, 생태휴식공간으로 조성된다 Pungam Reservoir to be Transformed into an Ecological Rest Area A vacant lot near Pungam Reservoir will be transformed into an ecological experience and rest area for the citizens and an… 05-08 2153
2582 TEXT 남원 광한루원에서 매주 국악공연 펼쳐진다 Weekly Gukak Performance to be Held at Gwanghanru in Namwon From today, the city of Namwon will host a weekly Korean traditional Gukak performance on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 p.m. at Gwa… 05-08 2111
2581 TEXT 장흥군, 17개 오지마을에서 100원택시 운행 시작 100-Won Taxi to Begin Operation in 17 Remote Villages in Jangheung Jangheung-gun district in Jeollanamdo began operation of a '100 Won Taxi,' in a total of 17 villages in the d… 05-08 2049
2580 TEXT 새정치민주연합 새 원내대표에 이종걸 의원 Rep. Lee Jong-gul Elected as a New Floor Leader of the NPAD The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy elected Rep. Lee Jong-gul as the new floor leader of the party yesterday. … 05-08 2117
2579 TEXT 천정배의원, "김대중 전 대통령 정쟁에 이용할 일 없다" Rep. Cheon Jeong-bae Says He will Not Use former President Kim Dae-jung in Political Conflicts Rep. Cheon Jung-bae, who ran as a liberal independent candidate in Gwangju Seo-gu… 05-08 2173
2578 TEXT 광주 보육 대란, 급한 불 끈다 Gwangju Office of Education Allocates Emergency Budget for Childcare Subsidies Gwangju Office of Education, which had to borrow from the city hall to fund two months of childcare subsidies, will reportedly be … 05-08 1972
2577 TEXT 전남도, 18일부터 5일동안 재난대응 훈련한다 Jeollanamdo to Carry out Disaster Response Training from May 18th for 5 Days Jeollanamdo will carry out disaster response training from May 18th for five days across the province at Jeolla… 05-07 2120
2576 TEXT 전남 농업 박물관, 모내기 체험행사 참가자 모집 Jeonam Agriculture Museum to Recruit Participants for Rice Planting Activity Jeollanamdo Agriculture Museum will host a traditional rice planting experience program on May 23rd from 10… 05-07 2332
2575 TEXT 인도네시아 인권 변호사 ‘라띠파 아눔 실레가르’ 2015 광주 인권상 수상 Indonesian Human Rights Lawyer Wins 2015 Gwangju Human Rights Award West Papua-based Indonesian Human Rights lawyer, Latifah Anum Siregar, has won this … 05-07 2453
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