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3461 TEXT 국립아시아문화전당, 9월4일부터 단계적 공개 Asian Culture Complex To Open Gradually to Public from September 4th. The Asia Culture Complex is planning to gradually open its spaces and programs to Gwangju citizens beginning September 4th… 09-01 2162
3460 TEXT 국립아시아문화전당 운영 아시아문화원 정원 96명 확정 Asia Culture Complex Limits Employment to 96 Positions The Asia Culture Complex has finally confirmed the total number of employees expected to be hired by the center before its o… 09-01 1990
3459 TEXT 전남도, 관광숙박시설 확충해 ‘머무르는 관광지’ 만들 터 Jeollanamdo Province Encourages Tourist Accommodation Startups Jeollanamdo province has announced it will spend 9 billion won in a new Tourism Promotion Fund program to prom… 09-01 1957
3458 TEXT 영어방송 광주시 산하 출연기관 경영평가서 우수등급 ‘A’ GFN Receives “A” Grade in Management Evaluation of City Organizations Gwangju Foreign Language Network is one of four city-funded organizations to receive an “A” g… 09-01 1927
3457 TEXT 광주 지산유원지 개발 추진 Gwangju Metropolitan City Plans to Develop Jisan Amusement Park Gwangju Metropolitan City has plans to construct a new leisure town and other rest facilities in Jisan Amusement Park, in Dong-gu. Revitalization o… 08-31 2407
3456 TEXT 포도·밤 농가들 잇단 폐업 FTA 농업 구조조정 본격화 FTA Agricultural Economic Effects Accelerate Significant number of grape and chestnut farms in Jeollanamdo are closing their businesses, in a ripple effect brought on by the introduc… 08-31 2044
3455 TEXT 상생·협력의 모델' 빛고을생활권 행정協 본격 시동 Jeollanamdo Launches Bitgoeul Life Zone Administrative Council 11 local governments in the Gwangju and Jeollanamdo region, including Gwangju Metropolitan City and Naju, are now … 08-31 1893
3454 TEXT 순천만정원 '제1호 국가정원'으로 지정… 9월 5일 선포식 Suncheon Bay Gardens Designated No.1 National Garden The Suncheon Bay Gardens will receive the title of 'No.1 National Garden' on September 5th, and will be… 08-31 2398
3453 TEXT 정남진 장흥토요시장, '가장 성공한 전통시장' 평가 Jeongnamjin Janheung Saturday Market Dubbed 'Most Successful Traditional Market' of 2015 According to a local economy report released by Bank of Korea on the 26th,… 08-31 2119
3452 TEXT '현대미술의 흐름은…' 광주국제아트페어 2일 개막 Gwangju International Art Fair to Open on 2nd The 6th Gwangju International Art Fair will open on September 2nd. Local media artists have been invited to display creative… 08-31 2140
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