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3431 TEXT 해남 옥매광산 광부 수몰사건 재조명…추모비 건립 Haenam Okmae Sinking Commemorated Commemoration events for the sinking of a ship that killed over 100 Haenam Okmae Mine workers 70 years ago will be held in Wando this weekend. The… 08-26 1925
3430 TEXT 전남, 지난해 출생아 감소율 전국 최고… 광주는 전년비 동일 Jeonnam Birth Rates Show Sharpest Decline in the Nation The number of births in Jeollanamdo Province showed the greatest decline in the nation over the last year, a new… 08-26 2110
3429 TEXT 광주신세계 특급호텔 내년 5월 착공 Construction of Gwangju Shinsegae Five-Star Hotel Planned for May 2016 Shinsegae Department Store has launched a project to begin construction of the Honam region's largest five-star hotel in Gwangj… 08-26 1868
3428 TEXT 광주시, 2015 국제디자인총회 준비 본격 돌입 Gwangju Prepares for 2015 International Design Congress Gwangju Metropolitan City launched an administrative support team for the 2015 International Design Congress, which will be held in Gwan… 08-26 1904
3427 TEXT '세월호 참사 500일' 광주시민대책회의 진실규명 행동 Gwangju Citizens Special Committee Acts Plans Events For Sewol 500 Day Anniversary Social and civic groups of Gwangju Metropolitan City are joining together to push for f… 08-26 1952
3426 TEXT 주한 남아공 대사, 윤장현 광주시장 예방 Gwangju Mayor Yoon Janghyun Receives South African Ambassador The South African Ambassador to South Korea, Nozuko Gloria Bam, visited Gwangju Metropolitan City on the 25th and was received by May… 08-26 2026
3425 TEXT 아시아문화개발원·전남대‘아틀리에 2015 광주’ 개최 Institute of Asian Cultural Development and Chonnam National University to Hold 'Atelier 2015 Gwangju' The Institute of Asian Cultural Development and Chonnam National U… 08-26 1877
3424 TEXT '8·24 공동합의'…광주·전남 대북교류사업 활발 '기대' Gwangju-Jeonnam Plans Joint North Korean Projects after 'August 24 Agreement' With the "August 24th Agreement" between South and North Korea expecte… 08-26 1851
3423 TEXT 광주·전남 태풍 영향권…여객선 운항 일부 통제 Passenger Ship Routes Suspended Due to GONI With the weather conditions brought on by the approach of the nation's 15th storm, storm GONI, some passenger ship routes in the Jeonnam r… 08-26 1846
3422 TEXT 담양 메타세쿼이아 가로숫길 국가산림문화자산 지정 Damyang's Metasequoia Street Designated National Forrest Culture Asset The Metasequoia Street in Damyang, Jeollanamdo has been designated a National Forrest Culture Asset by t… 08-26 1924
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