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2906 TEXT 명예광주시민, 미국인 언론인 티모시 광주 방문록 ‘더 네이션’에 기고 Honorary Citizen of Gwangju, American Journalist Tim Shorrock, Publishes May 18th Related Article Recently granted honorary citizenship of Gwangju for his… 06-17 1990
2905 TEXT 무안국제공항 면세점, 오늘부터 운영 재개 Previously Closed Duty Free Shops at Muan International Airport to be Re-opened Today Duty free shops at Muan International Airport will resume operation starting today. Shops inside the air… 06-17 1912
2904 TEXT 광주 U대회 대비 불법 주정차 집중 단속한다 Illegal Parking to be Under Intensive Control in Preparation for the Universiade As part of efforts to create a safe urban environment and ensure effective traffic flow during the Universiade… 06-17 1953
2903 TEXT 광주 동구, 공가(빈집) 신탁 받는다 Gwangju Donggu District to Accept Trust for Deserted Stuctures Gwangju Donggu District announced yesterday that it will accept applications for ‘Trust for Deserted Structures’ until the end of this … 06-16 2359
2902 TEXT 아시아 문화개발원, 국립아시아문화전당 자원봉사자 모집한다 The Institute of Asian Cultural Development to Recruit Voluntary Workers for National Asian Culture Complex The Institute of Asian Cultural Development is recruiting vo… 06-16 2158
2901 TEXT 광주 서구, '2015 성인문해교육 지원사업'에 선정되다 Gwangju Seogu District to Be Selected By '2015 Adult Literacy Education Support Business' Gwangju Seogu District has plans to relieve the resentment of the elderl… 06-16 1933
2900 TEXT 광주 북구, ‘안심 상속 원스톱 서비스’ 운영한다 Gwangju Bukgu District to Carry Out 'One-Stop Service of Reassuring Inheritance' Gwangju Bukgu District will carry out a ‘One-Stop Service of Reassuring Inheritance’, whi… 06-16 2354
2899 TEXT 전남교육청, 메르스 확산 차단 위해 예산 지원한다 Jeollanamdo Provincial Office of Education to Support Budget in Order to Block MERS Expansion The Jeollanamdo Provincial Office of Education plans to provideemergency support of 1.2 bi… 06-16 2249
2898 TEXT U대회, 경기장 19곳에서 맞춤형 기상 정보 지원된다 Customized Weather Information to be Provided for 19 Stadiums during the Universiade Gwangju Regional Meteorological Administration has formed a meteorological support group to provid… 06-16 1999
2897 TEXT U대회 기간 동안 차량 진입 통제지역 안내된다 Gwangju Offers Guidance on Traffic Control for the Universiade On the days when the opening and closing ceremonies for the Universiade are scheduled, July 3rd and July 14th, the entrance … 06-16 1885
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