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2564 TEXT 목포시 수돗물 수질 ‘적합’ Tap Water Quality in Mokpo Passes Quality Test Tap water quality in Mokpo and its 35 tap water providers including Mongtan filtration, Okam reservoir passed water quality test carried out by the city of Mokpo. … 05-06 2221
2563 TEXT 광주 평화 연극제, 5월 8일부터 18일까지 Gwangju Peace Theatre Festival to be Held from May 8thto the 18th Gwangju Peace Theatre Festival will be held from May 8th to the 18that the Gwangju Culture and Art Center. A total of 5 theatre g… 05-06 2309
2562 TEXT 문화전당 인지도, 콘텐츠 홍보 대책 절실하다 Promotion Activity to Raise Awareness of the Asian Culture Complex is a Definite Necessary With the continuous increase in the number of visitors to the national Asian Culture Complex, art… 05-06 2417
2561 TEXT 담양 대담미술관에서 동아시아 미술 단체전 East Asian Art Group Exhibition to be Held at Damyang Daedam Art Museum Daymang located Daedam Art Museum is hosting a group exhibition featuring artwork from East Asian countries from April… 05-06 2395
2560 TEXT 화순군, 토요일 무료 영화 상영한다 Hwasun-gun District to Showcase Free Films on Saturday In celebration of the family month of May, Hwasun-gun district will showcase free films on every Saturday at the local Hwasun Culture Center in its… 05-06 2210
2559 TEXT 이이남 작가 미디어아트 작품, 베니스에서 선보인다 Media Artwork by Yi Yi-nam to be Showcased in Venice The Damyang-born, Gwangju-based famous media artist, Yi Yi-nam will showcase a media art piece at the prestigious Venice Bienna… 05-06 2132
2558 TEXT 광주 동구 너릿재 옛길 차량 통행 금지된다 Nuritjae Route in Gwangju Dong-gu to be Designated as ‘Car-free Street’ Nuritjae route in Gwangju Dong-gu district, linking the Seongyo Bridge to Nuritjae and leading into the major entra… 05-06 2219
2557 TEXT 올해 518 행사, ‘반쪽 기념식’ 될까 May 18th Commemorative Ceremonies Lacking Interest from the National Government May 18th Democratization Movement will commemorate the 35th year anniversary this year but, as former prime minister Lee… 05-06 2223
2556 TEXT 광주 아트타운 갤러리에서 광주전남 외국인 전시 열린다 Exhibition featuring Local Expats in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to be Held in Gwangju Art Town Gallery Art Town Gallery, located in Art Street of Gwangju, will be hosting a spec… 05-06 2169
2555 TEXT 광주, 어린이날 기념 문화행사 풍성 Cultural Events for Children’s Day to be Held in Gwangju For Children’s Day today, various cultural events are scheduled across Gwangju with the musical ‘Little Lion’ to be showcased at the Gw… 05-05 2300
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