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2872 TEXT 광주 U대회 위한 시민지원본부 출범 Citizen Support Center Launched for the Universiade In related news, a citizen support center for the Universiade was launched yesterday. At the large City Hall conference that included city officials, … 06-12 1920
2871 TEXT 광주시, 전남도 메르스 극복 위해 협력한다 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Cooperate in Overcoming MERS and its Aftermath The City of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will join hands to effectively contain the MERS outbreak as part of an effort to s… 06-12 2040
2870 TEXT 보성 메르스 환자, 750여멍 접촉 Confirmed MERS Patient in Boseong May Have Contacted some 750 People Staying with the story, the confirmed MERS patient in Boseong has reportedly made contact with some 750 people since his initial contact wi… 06-12 1908
2869 TEXT 광주전남 메르스 의심 격리, 43명 43 Suspected Patients of MERS Isolated at Home and Hospital A total of 43 people in the Gwangju and Jeollanamdo area are now suspected of having MERS and are under quarantine at treatment centers and at th… 06-12 1904
2868 TEXT 순천시, 공영 자전거 무인 대여소 확충에 나선다 The City of Suncheon to Carry Forward The Expansion of Unmanned Public Bicycle Rental Center The city of Suncheon in South Jeolla province has plans to carry forward the expansion of its … 06-11 2050
2867 TEXT 목포시, 메르스 비상대책반 격상하다 The City of Mokpo to Prepare Countermeasure Force Team for MERS The city of Mokpo in South Jeolla Province has been devoting all its energy to preventing the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MRES. … 06-11 2319
2866 TEXT 광주 하계유니버시아드대회, 학교 기말고사 기간과 겹친다 Gwangju Summer Universiade to Clash With Schools' Final Exams The education authorities are finding themselves in a difficult position as the final exams of schools are… 06-11 1986
2865 TEXT 광주 서구, 양동시장에서 메르스 예방홍보 실시하다 Gwangju Seogu District to Publicize Prevention for MERS at Yangdong Market Gwangju Seogu District is currently conducting a campaign in Yangdong Market, which is regularly crowded wi… 06-11 2159
2864 TEXT 국립나주박물관, 어린이 문화재 그리기 대회 연다 Naju National Museum to Hold Children Cultural Asset Drawing Contest The Naju National Museum will open the third Cultural Asset Drawing Contest for children in its exhibition halls on… 06-11 2216
2863 TEXT U대회 성화 봉송, 후원사 함께 참여한다 Main Sponsors of the Universiade to Participate in the Torch Relay Staying the Universiade, the main sponsors for this year's games will join hands in hosting the ongoing torch relay. 9 of the c… 06-11 1975
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