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2837 TEXT 광주-부산 시립 미술관 문화교류전 연다 Art Museums in Gwangju and Busan to Swap Exhibitions The Gwangju Museum of Art and its Busan counterpart have agreed to swap exhibitions. The Busan Museum of Art and the Gwangju Museum of Art pla… 06-09 2089
2836 TEXT 전라남도 청년 인구 15년동안 14만명 줄었다 Population Young People in Jeollanamdo Reduced By 140,000 in 15-Year Span Jeollanamdo reported a fall of 140,000 in the number of people aged between 15 and 29 over a 15-year span with the numb… 06-09 2106
2835 TEXT 메르스 여파로 무안 공항 중국전세기 5편 취소 5 Chartered Planes from China Cancel their Trip to Jeollanamdo Staying on MERS, growing worries over the continuous spread of the virus in Jeollanamdo have also led to the cancellation of … 06-09 1993
2834 TEXT 광주지역 대중교통 이용객 급감 Public Transportation Users in Gwangju Fall Drastically In related news, the number of passengers using public transportation in Gwangju saw a sharp decrease amid escalating fears over the epidemic. With som… 06-09 1959
2833 TEXT 광주전남 격리대상자 33명으로 늘어 Isolated Patients Suspected of MERS Increased to 33 The number of patients suspected of being infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo has increased to 33 as of yes… 06-09 1871
2832 TEXT 전라남도,벼농작물재해보험가입기한연장한다 The South Jeolla Province to Extend Deadline for Disaster Insurance for Rice Crops The South Jeolla Province announced yesterday that it will extend the deadline for disaster insurance for r… 06-08 1981
2831 TEXT 전라남도해수욕장,안전관리요원확보못해비상걸리다 The Beaches Located in South Jeolla Province Suffer from Insufficient Number ofSafety Personnel Beaches in South Jeolla Province are facing a shortage of safety and emergency worker… 06-08 2302
2830 TEXT 전라남도,메르스49곳선별진료소운영한다 South Jeolla Province to Operate 49 Selected Clinics for MERS The South Jeolla Province government announced yesterday that it will open 49 ‘Selected Clinics’ at 3 major local hospitals and ot… 06-08 2157
2829 TEXT 광주문화재단전통문화관,시민사진공모전연다 The Traditional Culture Center of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation to Hold Contest of Citizens' Photos The Traditional Culture Center of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation is hosting a publ… 06-08 2292
2828 TEXT 광주중ㆍ고교학교폭력,크게감소하다 The School Violence at Middle and High Schools in Gwangju Greatly Dropped School violence atmiddle and high schools in Gwangju area has greatly decreased, accordingto research conducted by the Ministry… 06-08 2074
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