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2533 TEXT 조선시대 무명화가 민화 작품, 강진 한국 민화박물관에서 Folk Paintings Produced by Unknown Artists in Joseon Dynasty to be Showcased in Gangjin Korean Folk Painting Museum Gangjin Korean Folk Painting Museum will host an exhibi… 05-01 2347
2532 TEXT 담양 대나무 축제 오늘부터 열린다 Damyang Bamboo Festival Kicks Off Today The Damyang Bamboo Festival will kick off today and last for five days in Juknokwon or Bamboo Forest and the Gwangbang Jerim area. Celebrating its 17th anniversa… 05-01 2141
2531 TEXT 광주시, 도시계획에 시민 의견 수렴한다 Gwangju to Seek Citizens’ Opinion on Urban Planning The city of Gwangju will seek citizens’ opinions for the establishment of ‘2030 Urban Planning for Gwangju’. The city will effective… 05-01 2163
2530 TEXT 유일호 국토교통부 장관, 호남 KTX 요금 인하 논의한다 Transport Minister to Discuss Rate Cut for Honam KTX Transport Minister Yoo Il-ho said the ministry is currently working on applying rate cuts on Honam KTX tickets, currently pri… 05-01 2340
2529 TEXT 무안국제공항 – 천진 정기 노선 취항 Regular Flight to be Launched for Muan – Tianjin Route A regular flight route linking Tianjin and Muan will be launched to utilize the local international airport in Muan. According to Jeollan… 05-01 2124
2528 TEXT 젊은 인디 뮤지션, 광주에서 콘서트 Indie Musicians to Host Concert in Gwangju Young indie musicians in Gwangju will host a concert from 6:50 p.m. tomorrow night at the Jeonam National University cultural space, ‘APOKE’. Featuring … 05-01 2059
2527 TEXT 2015 광주 국제영화제 프로그램 발표 2015 Gwangju International Film Festival Program to be Released The official program and lineup for the 2015 Gwangju International Film Festival, set to be held from May 15th to the 20th, was released y… 05-01 2444
2526 TEXT 천정배, 새정치연합 꺾고 당선 – 야권 신당 이끄나 Independent Cheon Jung-bae Wins Election in Gwangju Independent liberal candidate and former justice minister under the late president Roh Mu-hyeon, Cheon Jeong-bae, won election i… 05-01 1992
2525 TEXT 새정치 광주시당, 재보궐 참패 성명 ‘질책, 가슴 깊이 새기겠다’ NPAD Gwangju Party Says ‘It will learn from the Losses in the By Election’ As the ruling conservative Saenuri party won landslide victories in 3 out of the 4… 05-01 1982
2524 TEXT 세계 인권도시 포럼, 15일에 개막한다 World Human Rights Cities Forum to Kick Off on May 15th The World Human Rights Cities Forum will kick off on May 15th and take place for four days at the Gwangju Kimdaejung Convention Center. Featur… 05-01 1980
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