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2812 TEXT 광주시, 전남도 메르스 대응 비상 시스템 가동한다 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Raise Guard Against MERS The city of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo, as well as regional educational offices, will cooperate in raising the guard against the deadly… 06-05 2407
2811 TEXT 유니버시아드 성화봉송 시작, 메르스 여파로 일부 지역 거부 Universiade Torch Relay Begins with Some Regional Governments Refusing to Participate due to MERS The torch relay for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade began yesterda… 06-05 2038
2810 TEXT 광주전남 비소식, 주말 – 휴일엔 덥다 Round of Rain Showers in Forecast Today with Hot Weather Predicted Over the Weekend A round of rain showers are in forecast across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today with overcast skies taking effect al… 06-05 2054
2809 TEXT 메르스 공포에 지역경제 여파 MERS to Affect Local Economy in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo As fears over the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome escalate, visitors and tourists to local department stores, large-scale supermarkets and movie theatr… 06-05 1932
2808 TEXT 광주시소방안전본부, 취약계층에 기초소방시설 보급한다 Gwangju Fire and Safety Headquarters to Provide Basic Fire Safety Devices to The Vulnerable The Gwangju Fire and Safety Headquarters announced yesterday that basic fire safety… 06-04 2234
2807 TEXT 대인예술시장 별장프로젝트 사업단, 네팔 어린이 돕다 The Business Unit of Villa Project at Daein Art Market to Help Children in Nepal The Daein Art Market has provided support for children in earthquake-torn Nepal. According to t… 06-04 2003
2806 TEXT 광주 서구, 주민 주도형 복지사업 추진하다 Gwangju Seogu District to Carry Forward Resident Directed Welfare Work Gwangju Seogu District will carry out resident directed welfare work and, on the 2nd of this month, 25 million won was col… 06-04 2092
2805 TEXT 광주 북구, 시화문화마을 문화관 개관하다 Gwangju Bukgu District to Open Cultural Center in Illustrated Poem Culture Village Gwangju Bukgu District announced that the opening ceremony of a cultural center in the Illustrated Poem Culture … 06-04 2005
2804 TEXT 광주문화재단, ‘2015 정율성 음악 축제’ 개최한다 Gwangju Cultural Foundation to host '2015 Jeong Yul Seong Music Festival' A music festival, which commemorates the Gwangju native, Jeong Yul Seong, known as a master of Chine… 06-04 2443
2803 TEXT 순천 오픈 드라마 세트장 관광객에게 인기 Suncheon-located Open Drama and TV Studio Gains Popularity Amongst Visitors The number of tourists to the Suncheon Open Drama and TV Studio surpassed 197,000 this year, up 65 percent from the … 06-04 2296
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