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2845 TEXT 윤장현 시장, 광주 U대회 선수촌 점검 Gwangju Mayor Inspects the Athletes’ Village Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon visited the athletes’ village in the Seo-gu District that will be used to house more than 13,000 university athletes duri… 06-10 1887
2844 TEXT 광주시.메르스대비대중교통방역실시 Gwangju Metropolitan City to Implement Preventive Measures Against MERS on Public Transportation Gwangju Metropolitan City announced yesterday that it's taking steps to prevent or contain the recen… 06-09 1943
2843 TEXT 광주국제음악제,내달광주문예회관에서열린다 Gwangju International Classical Music Festival to Be Held at Gwangju Culture and Arts Center Next Month Gwangju International Classical Music Festival will be held from the 6thto the 7thnext… 06-09 2360
2842 TEXT 광주북구, U대회위해가로환경정비에나선다 Gwangju Bukgu District to Organize Street Clean-Up for the Gwangju Universiade The administration at the Gwangju Bukgu District has been putting up efforts on cleaning up its part of town for t… 06-09 2021
2841 TEXT 광주남구,고령층위해무더위쉼터운영한다 Gwangju Namgu District to Start Relief Areas from Expected Summer Heat Wave Gwangju Namgu District announced yesterday that is plans to set up relief areas at 74 senior citizen centers to deal wi… 06-09 2022
2840 TEXT 광주서구,메르스예방하기위해24시간비상체제유지한다 Gwangju Seogu District to Maintain 24-Hour Emergency Standby Against MERS Gwangju Seogu District has planned to coordinate efforts to prevent and contain Middle East Respiratory S… 06-09 2124
2839 TEXT 문화체육관광부, 체육단체들과 메르스 대응 방안 논의 Cultural Ministry Discusses Measures Taken Against MERS with Sports Organizations Officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism met with representatives from the Ko… 06-09 1980
2838 TEXT 대한체조협회, 광주 U대회 국가대표 교육 실시 Korea Gymnastic Association to Carry Out Training for Korean National Teams for the Universiade The Korea Gymnastic Association carried out simulations to counter any possible questionable… 06-09 2137
2837 TEXT 광주-부산 시립 미술관 문화교류전 연다 Art Museums in Gwangju and Busan to Swap Exhibitions The Gwangju Museum of Art and its Busan counterpart have agreed to swap exhibitions. The Busan Museum of Art and the Gwangju Museum of Art pla… 06-09 2091
2836 TEXT 전라남도 청년 인구 15년동안 14만명 줄었다 Population Young People in Jeollanamdo Reduced By 140,000 in 15-Year Span Jeollanamdo reported a fall of 140,000 in the number of people aged between 15 and 29 over a 15-year span with the numb… 06-09 2108
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