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2545 TEXT 광주 U대회 조직위원회, 내일 시상식 시연한다 Organizers for the Gwangju Summer Universiade to Demonstrate Award Ceremony Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will hold a demonstration of the official award ceremony fo… 05-05 2119
2544 TEXT 전남도, ‘가고 싶은 섬’ 프로젝트 위해 해안가 청소 Jeollanamdo Cleans Out Coastal Areas in the Province for ‘Desirable Tourist Islands in Jeollanamdo’ Project Jeollanamdo carried out a ‘Desirable Tourist Islands in Jeollana… 05-04 2075
2543 TEXT ‘명량’ 김한민 감독 신작 다큐 영화 ‘명량: 회오리 바다를 향하여’ 목포 시사회 ‘Roaring Currents’ Filmmaker Kim Han-min’s Documentary Film to Host Preview in Mokpo Kim Han-min, director of the film that gener… 05-04 2193
2542 TEXT 광주전남 중학교, 저출산 후유증 심각하다 Secondary Schools in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Suffer the Aftermath of Low-birth Rate Middle schools in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are suffering from the aftermath of a low birth rate as the number… 05-04 2078
2541 TEXT 보성에서 우리나라 최초 거대 도마뱀 화석 발견 Korea’s First Lizard Fossil Found in Boseong The world’s largest lizard fossil was found for the first time in Korea in Boseong. Led by professor Heo Min from the Jeonam National … 05-04 2165
2540 TEXT 광주폴리, 다채로운 시민 문화 프로그램 진행 Gwangju Folly to Operate Various Civil and Cultural Programs Gwangju Biennale Foundation will operate various civil cultural programs from this month at the Gwangju Folly project sites, whi… 05-04 1902
2539 TEXT 송정역 이용객, 하루 평균 1만 800여명 기록 Daily Average Number of Passengers at Songjeong Station Marks 10,800 The daily average number of passengers using Gwangju Songjeong station has grown by 61 percent year on year since the openin… 05-04 2049
2538 TEXT 문재인, 오늘 광주 방문 NPAD Party Chairman Moon Jae-in to Visit Gwangju Today Main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy chairman Moon Jae-in will visit Gwangju today to win support from citizens of Gwangju, the traditional home tu… 05-04 2252
2537 TEXT '임을 위한 행진곡' 기념곡법 발의 Special Law on the Symbolic Song, 'March for the Beloved' Proposed A New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker representing Gwangju Buk-gu A district, Gang Gi-jeong, recently prop… 05-04 2088
2536 TEXT 광주 5월, 한달 동안 추모 행사 진행된다 Commemorative Events to be Held in Gwangju during Month of May Various ceremonial events are set to be held in Gwangju during the month of May in commemoration of the 1980 May 18th Democratizatio… 05-04 2034
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