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19021 TEXT NEW POST 노태우 전 대통령 아들 재헌씨, 5·18묘지3번째 참배 Son of former President Roh Tae-woo (노태우) visits the May 18 National Cemetery for the 3rdtime. Roh Jae-heon (노재헌), the son of former President Roh Tae-woo (노태우), visited… 04-22 4
19020 TEXT NEW POST '오늘은 지구의 날'전남도 공공기관 소등행사 Jeonnam to run climate change week to mark Earth Day. Jeollanamdo Province announced that it launched climate change week from the 22nd until the 28th, to mark the 13thEarth Day. … 04-22 5
19019 TEXT NEW POST 여수시·정치권"전라선 고속철도 국가철도망 반영 환영" Yeosu greets the central government’s 4thnationwide railway plan Jeollanamdo Yeosu City expressed their delight with the central government’s 4thnationwide railway plan, whic… 04-22 5
19018 TEXT NEW POST 고교·구청·대형 건물서 확진자 속출…광주 곳곳서 집단검사 Gwangju continues to report virus cases from public and multiuse institutions. The City of Gwangju added 13 additional cases of COVID-19 as of 2pm on the 22nd, continuing… 04-22 7
19017 TEXT NEW POST 한전공대 영문 교명 'KENTECH·켄텍' 확정 KEPCO Tech English title confirmed as 'KENTECH' The Korea Electric Power Corporation's Tech University that is to open in Mar. 2022 has confirmed its official English title. … 04-22 12
19016 TEXT NEW POST 광주·전남 21일 총 18명 추가 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 18 infected patients added on Apr. 21st The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 18 new infected patients yesterday. There were 9 patients added in Gwangju City yesterday. Of these 9 c… 04-22 3
19015 TEXT NEW POST 광주교육청, 코로나19 장기화에 5·18교육 전국화사업 방식 변경 Gwangju Office of Education to change May 18th Education Nationalization Project amid extended COVID 19 pandemic The Gwangju Office of Education officially began operatio… 04-22 9
19014 TEXT NEW POST 광주 대학생 단체 "후쿠시마 오염수 美日 규탄 촛불 들자" Gwangju University Organization "Candlelight rally to criticize U.S and Japan for the Fukushima(후쿠시마) contaminated water release" A University Organization within Gwangj… 04-22 5
19013 TEXT NEW POST '곳곳에 지역감염…' 광주·전남 11명 확진(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam with 11 infected patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 11 new infected patients yesterday. According to the health authoritiesof Gwangju City on Apr. 21s… 04-22 8
19012 TEXT 코로나19로 멈춘 여수박람회장'빅오쇼',공연 재개 Yeosu to resume its “Big-O Show”at Yeosu Expo The Yeosu International Expo Foundation on the 21stannounced that it will resume its popular attraction the “Big-O show” at … 04-21 11
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