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2592 TEXT 조지 카치아피카스, 광주 명예시민 된다 George Katsiaficas to Become an Honorary Citizen of Gwangju American political and social affairs scholar, George Katsiaficas, who has been studying democratic movements with a focus on the 1980 M… 05-11 2632
2591 TEXT 518 민주화운동, SNS에서 추모한다 Ceremonial Activities to be Carried out on SNS Online ceremonial activities are spreading on various social networking sites such as facebook and twitter as citizens from Gwangju as well as France and New Z… 05-11 2359
2590 TEXT 무안국제공항 면세점 운영 중단됐다 Operation of Duty-free Shops at Muan International Airport Halted Operation of duty free shops at Muan International Airport has been halted due to changes in the main owners of the duty free shops. … 05-11 2167
2589 TEXT 화순 전남대병원, ‘천원 백반집’ 후원한다 Hwasun Jeonam National University Hospital to Sponsor ‘1,000 won Restaurant’ in Gwangju Hwasun Jeonam National University Hospital will sponsor the 1,000 won restaurant located in the G… 05-11 2147
2588 TEXT 광주시 특별구호팀, ‘네팔 구호현장’ 파견된다 Gwangju Emergency Rescue Team to be Dispatched to Nepal For Earthquake Relief As Nepal continues to suffer from the country’s worst earthquake that killed more than 1,000 people, an … 05-08 2263
2587 TEXT 새정치민주연합 김정현, ‘박근혜 정부, 518 기념식에 전향적 입장 보일 것’ 촉구 NPAD Spokesman Urge National Government to Pay More Attention to May 18th Deputy spokesman from the main opposition New Politics Alliance f… 05-08 2291
2586 TEXT 전남도, 가족친화인증제 확대한다 Jeollanamdo to Expand ‘Family Friendly’ Recognition System Jeollanamdo will expand the ‘Family Friendly’ Program amongst public and private organizations in the province to provide workers with g… 05-08 2167
2585 TEXT 전남도민 64%, 주민 생활에 만족한다 64 percent of Jeollanamdo Residents are Satisfied with their Life in Jeollanamdo The overall satisfaction of Jeollanamdo residents with their life in the province recorded relatively high figures as so… 05-08 2160
2584 TEXT 광주시립미술관, 민주인권평화전 ‘아빠의 청춘’전 Democracy, Human Rights and Peace Exhibition, ‘My Father’s Youthful Days’ The Gwangju Museum of Art will commemorate the month of May, a month that features May 18th Democr… 05-08 1994
2583 TEXT 광주 풍암제 주변, 생태휴식공간으로 조성된다 Pungam Reservoir to be Transformed into an Ecological Rest Area A vacant lot near Pungam Reservoir will be transformed into an ecological experience and rest area for the citizens and an… 05-08 2151
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