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3521 TEXT 7회 기후환경산업전, 수출협약·MOU 1204만 달러 ‘성과’ 7th International Climate and Environmental Fair Generates 1.2 Million Dollars in Contracts A total of 1.2 million dollars in contracts and MOUs were generated by the recent 7th… 09-14 1889
3520 TEXT 광주서 15일 세계 자살예방의 날 기념행사 Gwanju Metropolitan City Commemorates World Suicide Prevention Day Gwangju Metropolitan City has announced it will commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day with a special event on the 15th at the … 09-14 1827
3519 TEXT 대인시장 아트콜렉션샵‘미담’ 문 열어 Daein Night Art Market Art Collection Shop “Midam” Opens The Gwangju Daein Culture Tour Market Promotion Team and the Promotion Committee of Gwangju Daein Market have opened a new art collecti… 09-11 2249
3518 TEXT 광주시, 2순환도로 보조금 지급 보류 Gwangju Postpones Subsidy to Second Beltway Constructor The City of Gwangju announced that it would postpone subsidies to the private investment company responsible for the construction of Gwangju Ring … 09-11 1988
3517 TEXT 광주 양림동 근대역사건축물 개방 Yangrim-dong Historical Buildings Open to the Public Gwangju Metropolitan City will host the ‘Yangrim-dong Historical Monuments Open Doors and Village Event” to showcase buildings from Gwangju’s mod… 09-11 2214
3516 TEXT 은빛 억새와 함께하는 무등산 정상 개방…10월 3일 Mt. Mudeung Summit To Open on October 3rd Gwangju Metropolitan City and the Mt. Mudeung National Park Office have reached an agreement with the Mudeungsan Air Force Base to open the … 09-11 1957
3515 TEXT 광주시 전국 최초 정책이력제 조례 제정 Gwangju Institutes Nation’s First Transparent Policy System Gwangju Metropolitan City Council has launched the nation’s first Transparent Policy System, which will provide clear data and accou… 09-11 1888
3514 TEXT '광주 자동차 산업의 미래는' 16~17일 콘퍼런스 Future of Gwangju Car Industry Conference to be Held September 16th to 17th Gwangju Metropolitant City will play host to the Future of Gwangju Car Industry Conference at the Ramada … 09-10 1875
3513 TEXT 광주·전남 복지사업 줄줄이 중단 위기 Gwangju Jeonnam Welfare Programs Face Crisis Gwangju Jeonnam Welfare programs are in crisis as the national government has begun investigation into the validity of such policies as senior pension pay… 09-10 1899
3512 TEXT 신안 임자·가거도 '가을 휴양철 테마섬' 선정 Shinan Imjado and Gageodo Selected as Theme Islands Jeollanamdo’s Gageodo and Imjado Islands have been selected as “Theme Islands” for the autumn tourism season in a recent co… 09-10 1895
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