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3441 TEXT 전남 취업자수 전년보다 3만명 늘어…일자리 목표 일단 '파란불' Jeonnam's Number of Employees Jumps by 30,000 Since 2014 A new report shows the number of employees in Jeollanamdo has increased by 30,000 since the sa… 08-27 1921
3440 TEXT 아시아전당 어린이문화원 '어린이공연문화축제' Asia Culture Center to Hold Children's Culture Festival The Asia Culture Center opening on September 4th will feature a '2015 Children's Culture Festival' h… 08-27 2219
3439 TEXT 중국 혁명음악 대부 정율성 출생지 확인 소송 각하 Jung Yul Sung Birth Place Lawsuit Dismissed A lawsuit requesting confirmation of the birth place of the godfather of China's revolutionary music, Jung Yul Sung, has been dismissed… 08-27 2098
3438 TEXT "광주의 맛이 상품"…향토음식육성위원회 출범 Local Food Promotion Committee Established A new Local Food Promotion Committee was launched on the 26th to publicize the culture and cuisine of Gwangju. The committee will work to boos… 08-27 1940
3437 TEXT '김대중, 회상-아주 특별한 용기' 추모 음악회 27일 열려 Memorial Concert for Kim Dae Jung to Be Held on 27th A memorial concert for the late president Kim Dae Jung entitled 'Remembering Kim Dae Jung- A Special Courage&… 08-27 1993
3436 TEXT 한전, 광주·대구에 'IoT기반 똑똑한 전력설비' 구축 KEPCO to Pioneer 'IoT-Based Smart Electricity' in Gwangju and Daegu Korea Electric Power Corporation, or KEPCO, has launched a concept project called the 'Tes… 08-27 2065
3435 TEXT 천주교 광주대교구 정평위 "5·18 왜곡 지만원 고소하겠다" Justice and Peace Committee of Catholic Archdiocese of Gwangju Plans to Sue Ji Manwon for May 18 Slander The Justice and Peace Committee of the Catholic Archdiocese of Gwang… 08-27 2303
3434 TEXT 광주시 신속 중재로 기아차 광주공장 재가동 Gwangju Metropolitan City Mediates KIA Motors Strike The ongoing KIA Motors Gwangju Factory strike was brought to an end on the 26th, thanks to mediation efforts by Gwangju Metropolitan City. … 08-27 1880
3433 TEXT 광주ㆍ전남 이산가족 1546명 "숫자 늘려달라" 절박한 고령 1546 Dispersed Families in Gwangju and Jeonnam Hope to be Reunited with Loved Ones Hopes of dispersed families in the Gwangju-Jeonnam region have been raised as South and North… 08-26 2185
3432 TEXT 소니코리아, 광주정보문화진흥원과 4K 영상산업발전 MOU SONY Korea Works and Gwangju CGI Center to Develop 4K Video Industry SONY Korea has signed a cooperation agreement with Gwangju CGI Center to develop the 4K and UHD contents pro… 08-26 3177
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