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326 TEXT 진도 운림산방, 내달 18일까지 야간 개방 Jindo Woonrim Sanbang to Extend Operation Hours Jindo-gun district has announced that the region's representative tourist attraction, 'Woonrim Sanbang' or Korean traditional Hanok r… 07-18 4085
325 TEXT 광주 헬기 추락, 주민들 '군공항 이전 서둘러라' Helicopter Crashes and Residents Urge the City to Speed Up the Relocation of Military Airport Residents of Gwangju Gwangsan-gu district raised their voices over the urgency of … 07-18 4294
324 TEXT 광주전남 무역수지 흑자, 22개월째 지속 Trade Surplus in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Continues for 22 Months A trade surplus in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo has continued for 22 consecutive months since August 2012. The combined exports in Gw… 07-18 4288
323 TEXT 완도군수 매년 5월 8일 ‘미역국 먹는 날’ 선포 Wando District Governor Proclaims May 8th as ‘Sea Mustard Soup Eating Day’ Newly elected Wando District Governor Shin Woo-cheol has announced that the district will designate May 8t… 07-18 4626
322 TEXT 목포 평화광장서 수상레저 무료 체험 Experience Maritime Leisure Activity for Free at Mokpo Peace Square A Free Maritime Leisure Sports Activity Program will be held at Mokpo Peace Square from July 26th for two days. The free leisure… 07-18 4577
321 TEXT ‘쌀 관세화 해법 찾자’, 국회서 토론회 National Assembly Debate on Tariffication of Korean Rice A national assembly discussion on finding solutions for tariffication of rice produced in Korea in the event of its opening up of its dom… 07-18 4308
320 TEXT 광주 도심에 헬기 추락 Helicopter Crashes in Gwangju Gwangsan-gu A firefighting helicopter from Gangwon province crashed in Gwangsan-gu district in Gwangju killing three people including pilot and co-pilot of the helicopter at around 10:53 a… 07-17 4729
319 TEXT 박주선, 국회 ‘국제 경기대회 지원 특위’ 위원장 선임 Rep. Park Ju-seon Appointed as a Chair of the National Assembly International Sporting Event Support Law Committee Main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker P… 07-17 4564
318 TEXT 전라남도, 제헌절 맞아 태극기 달기 운동 Jeollanamdo Encourages Raising Korean Flag for Constitution Day Jeollanamdo is currently carrying out a ‘Raise the Korean Flag or Taegeukgi Movement’ across the province to promote the integ… 07-17 4618
317 TEXT 광주 군공항 이전 추진 Gwangju to Work on Relocation of the Military Airport The city of Gwangju will seek public opinion among citizens to establish a relocation plan for the military airport in the city. The city has announced it will ho… 07-17 4240
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