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2972 TEXT 여수세관 – 여수광양항만공사, U대회 지원한다 Yeosu Customs Office and Yeosu-Gwangyang Harbor Construction Work Yeosu Main Customs Office and Yeosu-Gwangyang Harbor Construction Office have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to pled… 06-24 2045
2971 TEXT U대회 기간, 광주 여름 김치 페스티벌 열린다 Gwangju Summer Kimchi Festival to be Held During the Universiade The Gwangju Summer Kimchi Festival will be held during the Universiade in Gwangju from July 3rd to the 14th as part of efforts t… 06-24 1756
2970 TEXT 장흥군, 7개 기업과 투자협약 체결하다 Jangheung-gun District to Sign Investment Agreement With 7 Corporations Jangheung-gun District in South Jeolla Province signed an investment agreement with 7 corporations yesterday at the situation ro… 06-24 1974
2969 TEXT 완도군, 어류 백신공급사업 편다 Wando-gun District to Carry Out Supply Project for Fish Vaccine As the second largest halibut production site in Korea, Wando-gun District has plans to carry out a supply project for fish vaccine in order to … 06-24 1828
2968 TEXT 광주시와 한국환경공단, 악취관리위해 업무협약한다 Gwangju City and Korea Environment Corporation to Sign Business Agreement to Manage Odor Gwangju City and the Korea Environment Corporation have decided to cooperate in the managem… 06-24 1730
2967 TEXT 여수해상케이블카, 정기 점검하기 위해 휴장 Yeosu Maritime Cable Car to Be Closed for Regular Check-Up The city of Yeosu announced yesterday that the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car will suspend operation from the 29th to the 30th of this mon… 06-24 1938
2966 TEXT 한국교총과 U대회 조직위 U대회 성공 개최위해 업무협약 체결하다 Korean Federation of Teachers' Association and Organizing Committee to Sign Business Agreement for Successful Hosting of the Universiade The Korean Federation… 06-24 1726
2965 TEXT 영암산림항공관리소와 국립공원관리공단, 산림자원 보호 업무협약 체결하다 Yeongam Forest Aviation Office and Korea National Park Service to Sign Business Agreement to Protect Forest Resources In a conference held at the Na… 06-24 1803
2964 TEXT 광주 자동차 생산 산업에 긍정적 신호 보이다 Positive Signs for Automobile Production Industry in Gwangju There have recently been positive signs regarding the city of Gwangju’s plans for carrying out the ‘Business of Constructing … 06-24 1750
2963 TEXT U대회 기간 동안 다양한 예술 축제 펼쳐진다 Various Artistic Festivals to be Held During the Universiade A series of cultural and artistic festivals to celebrate the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will be held in Gwangju from July 1st… 06-23 1741
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