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2316 TEXT 광주문화재단, 도서-음반 기증 받는다 Gwangju Cultural Foundation to Accept Donations of Books and Music Gwangju Cultural Foundation will accept donations of books and music at its ‘Culture and Art Library’. Open since March 13th… 04-03 2326
2315 TEXT 목포시, 서울서 KTX 개통 관광설명회 개최 Mokpo Hosts KTX Tourism Briefing in Seoul The city of Mokpo hosted a ‘Tourism Briefing Session’ targeting citizens in the capital city of Seoul and business associates in the city yesterday a… 04-03 2177
2314 TEXT 이낙연 전남지사 – 지역 국회의원들 내년 예산확보에 협력 Jeollanamdo Governor and Regional Lawmakers to Cooperate in Securing the Budget for Next Year Governor of Jeollanamdo, Lee Nak-yeon and regional lawmakers in Jeollanamdo w… 04-03 2168
2313 TEXT 장흥 정남진 천문과학관, 오는 4일 개기월식 관측행사 연다 Jangheung Jeongnamjin Astronomical Science Center to Showcase Special Event for Eclipse Jeonam Jangheung-gun district will host an eclipse observatory event at the local … 04-03 2165
2312 TEXT 전남대학교 캠퍼스 무료 개방한다 Jeonam National University Campus to be Opened to the Public for Free Jeonam National University will open its campus to the public free of charge over this weekend and next as part of efforts to invite l… 04-03 2035
2311 TEXT 광주 고려인촌, 호남 KTX 연계 관광상품 만든다 Gwangju Goryoin Village to Create Launch KTX Tourism Product Goryoin Village in Gwangju will reportedly launch and operate a tourism product linking Honam KTX and the regional Goryoin Vill… 04-02 2248
2310 TEXT 영암군, 가야금 산조 무료체험 교실 운영한다 Yeongam-gun to Operate ‘Free Gayageum Sanjo’ Experience Class Yeongam-gun district recently opened a Korean traditional instrument Gayageum Experience Class targeting local residents… 04-02 2453
2309 TEXT 광주관광컨벤션뷰로, 대학생 서포터즈 모집 Gwangju Tourism and Convention Bureau to Recruit University Supporters Gwangju Tourism Convention Bureau will recruit university students through this Saturday who wish to take part in suppor… 04-02 1939
2308 TEXT 광양만권에 관광시설 조성된다 Tourism Amenities to be Constructed in Gwangyang Bay Arrays of tourism amenities, such as a five star French hotel and a convention center, a residential complex and tourism facilities, will be constructed at… 04-02 2141
2307 TEXT 진도군민 세월호 피해 보상 방법 확정 Jindo Residents that were Damaged by the Sewol Ferry Disaster May Receive Compensation Residents of Jindo Island, where the tragic April 16th ferry disaster occurred when the 6,800 ton ferry capsize… 04-02 2075
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