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2380 TEXT 순천서 순천만세계동일영화제 열린다 Suncheon Bay International Animal Film Festival to be Held in Suncheon The city of Suncheon will host the 3rd Suncheon Bay International Film Festival from May 22nd to the 28th. With the theme, &… 04-13 6216
2379 TEXT 진도 세월호 '추모의 숲' 나무 심었다 Sewol Memorial Forest to be Constructed in Jindo The first 30 trees were planted last Friday in a park near the Paengmok harbor in Jindo Island, which is located near the accident site where… 04-13 2060
2378 TEXT 광주 전남,북 국내외 관광객 유치 협력 Gwangju, South+North Jeolla province to Cooperate in Attracting Tourists The city of Gwangju, Jeollanamdo and North Jeolla provinces will reportedly cooperate in attracting domestic and internation… 04-13 1945
2377 TEXT 광주전남서 대한민국 임시정부 수립 기념식 오늘 열린다 Provisional Government of Korea Commemorative Ceremony to be Held Today Memorial events in commemoration of the 96th year anniversary of the provisional government of Korea, w… 04-13 1991
2376 TEXT 광주전남, 세월호 참사 1주기 추모기간 운영 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Operate ‘Memorial Period for 1st Anniversary of Sewol Tragedy’ Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will operate a memorial period to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the… 04-10 1999
2375 TEXT 광주 전통문화관 홈페이지 개설 Gwangju Traditional Culture Center Homepage Opens Gwangju Cultural Foundation opened the official webpage of the Gwangju Traditional Culture Center at Opened in 2012, the Gwangju Traditional C… 04-10 2242
2374 TEXT 나로우주센터 발사기지 3일동안 깜짝 공개된다 Naro Space Center Launch Pad to be Opened for Three Days Goheung-located Naro Space Center and its launch pad, normally strictly limited for citizens’ access, will be temporarily opene… 04-10 2226
2373 TEXT ‘광주폴리’ 교육의 장 역할 톡톡 Gwangju Folly as an Educational Mecca The Gwangju Folly, which showcases various artistic urban installations and constructions across Gwangju, is reportedly providing an educational platform for visitor… 04-10 1954
2372 TEXT 이낙연 지사, 12일부터 중국 방문 Jeollanamdo Governor to Visit China from the 12th From April 12th to the 15th, Governor of Jeollanamdo, Lee Nak-yeon, will visit the Zhejiang region in China, which previously signed a sister-city affiliati… 04-10 2009
2371 TEXT 광주박물관에서 봄 문화축제 열린다 Spring Cultural Festival to be Held at Gwangju National Museum Gwangju National Museum will host the ‘2015 Museum Spring Culture Festival’ from April 14th for six days. A variety of cultural pr… 04-10 1995
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