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2965 TEXT 영암산림항공관리소와 국립공원관리공단, 산림자원 보호 업무협약 체결하다 Yeongam Forest Aviation Office and Korea National Park Service to Sign Business Agreement to Protect Forest Resources In a conference held at the Na… 06-24 1836
2964 TEXT 광주 자동차 생산 산업에 긍정적 신호 보이다 Positive Signs for Automobile Production Industry in Gwangju There have recently been positive signs regarding the city of Gwangju’s plans for carrying out the ‘Business of Constructing … 06-24 1782
2963 TEXT U대회 기간 동안 다양한 예술 축제 펼쳐진다 Various Artistic Festivals to be Held During the Universiade A series of cultural and artistic festivals to celebrate the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will be held in Gwangju from July 1st… 06-23 1764
2962 TEXT 전남도, '남도의 맛 관광객' 유치한다 Jeollanamdo to Attract Tourists with its Tasty Dishes Jeollanamdo will create a 'Namdo Food and Tourist Guide' to link local culinary dishes with other tourist programs for tourists … 06-23 1768
2961 TEXT 전라남도, '청년이 돌아오는 전남' 도정 목표로 Jeollanamdo Aims to Become 'The Province That Young Population Wish to Return To’ The Jeollanamdo government recently announced a new campaign by Governor Lee to transfor… 06-23 1874
2960 TEXT 광주 하계 유니버시아드 열기 뜨거워진다 Gwangju Summer Universiade Gains Momentum Despite the recent notification from North Korea that it will not participate in the upcoming Summer Universiade in Gwangju, the multi-sporting event i… 06-23 1723
2959 TEXT 전남 해수욕장 등 10곳, 레저 금지 구역 지정 10 Beaches in Jeollanamdo to Ban Leisure Activities Due to safety concerns, the Mokpo Maritime Security and Safety Agency has placed bans on water leisure activities at 10 beaches, including … 06-23 1712
2958 TEXT 광주영어방송재단, 사장 공모한다 Gwangju Foreign Language Network Foundation to Recruit Chief Executive Officer Gwangju Foreign Language Network announced yesterday that it will recruit 1 Chief Executive Officer, 2 board members and 2 aud… 06-23 1901
2957 TEXT 국토부, U대회 대비위해 항공보안검색 강화한다 The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to Reinforce Aviation Screening to Prepare for Universiade The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced plans yesterday t… 06-23 1990
2956 TEXT 광주시, 북한 U 대회 불참 통보 밝히다 Gwangju City to Announces North Korea's Notification of Nonparticipation in Universiade The Organizing Committee of the Gwangju Universiade revealed at a press conference yesterday that a letter… 06-23 1767
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