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2360 TEXT FISU 감독위원회, 최종 점검 마무리 FISU Inspection of Gwangju Universiade Wraps Up A Universiade Supervision Committee comprised of 7 officials from the International University Sports Federation wrapped up its inspection of the overall pr… 04-09 2060
2359 TEXT 광주 과학관 내 전파체험관 개관한다 Radiowave Experience Center to be Opened at the Gwangju Science Museum The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning will open a radio wave experience center inside the national Gwangju Science Mu… 04-09 2145
2358 TEXT 무등산 정상 개방, 5월 2일 Summit of the Mt. Mudeung to be Opened on May 2nd The summit of the Mt. Mudeung, which has remained closed since 1966, will be opened to the public for the first time this year on May 2nd. The opening of the summ… 04-09 2142
2357 TEXT 세월호참사 1주년 추모행사, 진도 팽목항에서도 열린다 Commemorative Activities to be Held in Jindo Paengmok Harbor Religious leaders from Christian and Catholic churches and Buddhism temples along with the Maritime Minister, Yoo … 04-09 2021
2356 TEXT 세월호 참사 1주년 앞두고 광주 전남 추모열기 고조 Memorial Events Prior to First Anniversary of Sewol Ferry Tragedy Begin in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo A series of memorial events and commemorative programs are underway for the first … 04-09 2051
2355 TEXT 중국인 민원 해결 지원센터 광주에 개소 Civil Affairs Support Center for Chinese Opens Doors in Gwangju A civil affairs support center for Chinese visitors and residents in Gwangju opened its doors yesterday. The support center was … 04-09 1966
2354 TEXT 목포대 벚꽃축제 7~8일 열린다 Mokpo University Cherry Blossom Festival to be Held from April 7th to the 8th Mokpo National University will hold its annual Cherry Blossom Festival from April 7th for two days. Celebrating its 11th year an… 04-08 2360
2353 TEXT 순천, 관광객 위한 교통망 체계 대대적 손질한다 Suncheon to Revise Transportation System in the City for Tourists The city of Suncheon will revise its transportation system throughout this year to better accommodate travelers to the… 04-08 2378
2352 TEXT 2014년, 광주전남 지역만 흡연율 증가 Smoking Rate in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Increases Whereas Nationwide Average Falls In the midst of the downward trend observed among smokers nationwide, the smoking rate in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo has i… 04-08 2230
2351 TEXT 검찰, 세월호 선장 항소심도 사형 구형 Prosecutors Seeks Death Penalty for Captain of the Sewol Ferry in Appeal Trial In an appeals trial yesterday, regional prosecutors in the Gwangju High Court of Justice demanded the death penalty for… 04-08 2081
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