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2340 TEXT 추억의 무등산 옛 사진전 열린다 Mt. Mudeung Photographic Exhibition to be Held A photographic exhibition of Mt. Mudeung will be held at the Jeungshimsa Temple near the entrance of the mountain on May 2nd in time for the opening of the su… 04-07 2054
2339 TEXT 무등산 정상, 내달 2일 올 들어 첫 개방 Summit of Mt. Mudeung to be Opened to the Public next Month The summit of the Mt. Mudeung near Cheonwangbong area, which has remained closed for over 40 years due to the air force based station on t… 04-07 2226
2338 TEXT 광주전남 쌀쌀한 봄날씨, 주말에 갠다 Chilly Weather Continues in the Region with Spring in Full Bloom Over the Weekend Following the long-awaited rain showers that fell across the region last weekend and yesterday, chilly and windy con… 04-07 2560
2337 TEXT 광주 FC 단장에 ‘기성용 부친’ 기영옥씨 취임했다 Father of Premier League Soccer Player, Ki Seong-yong Appointed as Gwangju FC Executive Director Ki Yeong-ok, father of the Gwangju-born English Premium League Soccer player from Sw… 04-07 2564
2336 TEXT 유니버시아드, 전직 대사들 ‘U대회 국제자문대사’로 위촉한다 Gwangju Universiade to Appoint Former Ambassadors as ‘Universiade International Counselors’ Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will appoint form… 04-07 2145
2335 TEXT 호남고속철 개통, 광주전남 KTX 이용객 34% 증가 Passengers of KTX in Service Increased by 34% since the Opening of Honam KTX The Korea Railway Corporation Gwangju Headquarters announced that the total daily number of passengers using… 04-07 2100
2334 TEXT 해남군, 오정해와 함께하는 국악 공연 개최 Haenam-gun District to Host Gukak Concert with Oh Jung-hae Haenam-gun district in Jeollanamdo will host a Korean traditional Gukak concert with Korea’s well-known Gukak musician, Mokpo-born… 04-07 1999
2333 TEXT 고흥 거금도 둘레길 열렸다 Hiking Path in Gogeumdo Island Now Open A hiking path stretching out 42.2 kilometers along the southern coastal regions in Geomundo Island, located in Goheung-gun district, opened yesterday. According to Goheun… 04-06 2441
2332 TEXT 세계한인 언론인들, 모국에서 한글 세계화 방안 논의한다 Worldwide Korean Journalists to Discuss Ways to Globalize Hangeul Worldwide journalists publishing newspapers in Korean will visit Korea to discuss ways to globalize the Ko… 04-06 2150
2331 TEXT 전남 농수산식품, 중국에 수출된다 Local Farming and Fisheries Products to be Exported to China Local farming and fisheries products worth 6.8 million dollars will be exported to China. According to Jeollanamdo, foreign buyers from Chin… 04-06 1968
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